Monday, July 13, 2009

Moving Again

Hi guys, I doubt anybody has even seen this blog in ages but if anybody has then I want to let them know I am no longer primarily writing at the Chuck Knoblog. I'm making the move to Sliding Into Home, so check it out.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I noticed their are still plenty of people reading this blog and I just wanted to let you know about my plans for this blog.

  • I will be writing on the Chuck Knoblog now.
  • I will no longer write here unless I leave the Chuck Knoblog which I don't see happening any time soon.
  • I will not delete this blog or change the url in case people want to dig through the archives or read about RCA.

That's about it. Thanks to everyone who's read this blog.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is the blog will be closing again and this time it may be permanently.

The good news is I`m not going away. I`m moving to the Chuck Knoblog. Charlie wanted another writer and I volunteered. I`ll write their for a while and I`ll decide whether I want to keep both blogs going.

Why Now Carl?

Nw that the Yankees are out the race and he`s pitching meaningless games Carl Pavano is doing great. He`s making a case for him to return next year. If he continues pitching like this for the rest of the year should they bring him back? I`m leaving to go to the game in a few minutes so this will be a quick post.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Before this series I thought the Yankees might actually have a chance at making a run and a comeback. However, they would have to win the series. They didn't and now they`re basically done. 6 out is far to much to overcome. The win yesterday was nice. It keeps things close enough to make things interesting and they can still play the spoiler role. Had they won one of the first two games they would be only 4 out with Joba coming back next week. Phil Hughes also had a good start recently. However, the hole is to deep now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Instant Replay

Instant replay will be implemented Thursday. Good, I don't see the need to test it. What's the point? It will probably slow the games down but so does a manager running out screaming at the umpire. This way they also get the call right.

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers has been placed on waivers. Buster Olney thinks the Yankees will be interested as well. I hope not. They should stay far away from him.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Enough

Three series ago I said the Yankees had to go at least 6-3 and be 5 games out by the end of that stretch. They did exactly that. They`re still a long shot but they`re back in the race.

The series against Boston is huge. If they loose the series they`re just about done.

Also, I think its time to send down Rasner. Alfredo Aceves is mowing down hitters in AAA. He had another great start tonight.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sorry Guys

I`m really sorry about the past few days but I had surgery on Wednesday and its a miserable experience recovering. I`ll feel better in a few days but I just really haven't felt like writing anything.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

2009 Offseason

Over at MLB Trade Rumors they have some thoughts on the Yankee's free agents I`d like to comment on.

Here`s a list of the big Yankees free agents. I may be wrong on some salary numbers:
  • Jason Giambi (Type B free agent, 22 million dollar '09 option, 5 million dollar buyout)
  • Bobby Abreu (Type A free agent)
  • Ivan Rodriguez (Type B free agent)
  • Mike Mussina
  • Andy Pettitte
  • Damaso Marte (6 million dollar '09 option)

I didn't list what type of free agent Moose, Marte, and Pettitte are because we don't know yet.

First of all, I would resign both Pettitte and Mussina. Pettitte could probably be had for a one year deal if he chooses to avoid retirement another year. However, Mussina will probably want a raise and at least a two year deal. I think he`s worth it. He`s reinvented himself and they need him. If either one chooses to retire they could be in trouble for their rotation.

Although Marte has struggled for the Yankees I would bring him back as well. He was one of the best lefty relievers in baseball for Pittsburgh. Its well worth the risk.

The rest of these guys are all connected. They will probably bring back only one of them. I`d offer Abreu arbitration. He`ll probably decline as he can get a multi-year deal elsewhere. That`ll give them three first round draft picks if they don't sign anybody else.

I would then offer both Pudge and Giambi arbitration. I would be shocked if Giambi didn't accept. However, Pudge may be looking for a long term deal. If Pudge does accept then they`ll have to make room at the DH spot. This means trading either Damon or Matsui. Probably Matsui because he may be unable to play the outfield at this point.

What could a package of Matsui, Kennedy, and Melky bring in? The target would probably be a centerfielder, the only huge hole on the team. Then the final move for the Yankees to make would be to sign C.C. Sabathia to be their ace. Hughes can jump into the rotation as soon as someone gets hurt. The team would also still have two first round draft picks to help rebuild a greatly weakened farm system.

Also Brian Cashman's contract is up. Although some fans seem to think that the Yankees should win the World Series every year I`m happy with what he`s done and would bring him back.

So in my opinion the Yankees need to:

  • Resign Pettitte and Mussina
  • Offer Abreu, Pudge, and Giambi arbitration
  • Possibly trade Abreu or Damon
  • Bring back Marte
  • Sign C.C. Sabathia
  • Resign Brian Cashman

I`m Back

I got a new keyboard and I`m back.

I was obviously happy with what they did yesterday but the first gaem against Toronto was a major dissapointment. They can only afford to lose one (MAYBE two) more games against Toronot/Baltimore. Considering they`ll probably lose tonight to Halladay they`re going to need to sweep Baltimore. Sorry for the shortness of this post.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Keyboard Problems

I may have trouble getting on for the next week or so as I`m having problems with my keyboard.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Blame Game- Posada/Matsui

This will probably be my last post in this series.

Posada came into the year after a career year and getting a huge new contract. He wasn't terrible but he certainly wasn't what he was last year. His play was affected by his injury. Runners could steal at will. Finally they decided to shut him down when they got Pudge Rodriguez. The trade for Pudge helped make the catcher position not a total disaster but he was still a dissapointment.

Matsui's injury also took a huge bat out the lineup. The offense has struggled this year and Matsui is a big reason why. They`ve had to juggle with mediocore to just plain bad hitters at DH without him. Now he`s making his way back from injury and could play tomorrow. However, it may be to late.

The Blame Game- Cano

Like his friend Melky, Cano has been a huge dissapointment. Coming into the year I thought he would be one of the best second baseman in the game. Although his fielding has been underrated this year in my opinion his hitting has been awful.

Although it looked like he was turning his season around in the second half he`s fallen off since then. This created some rumors that he might be traded for Matt Kemp.

Unlike Melky I think Cano will be okay. He`s shown more potential over his career. He`s also very reliant on his BA which means if he gets unlucky with his BABIP like he did this year he will suffer. He could still get hot and end the season with solid numbers. I also still want him and Jeter to switch positions. All in all I`m not to worried about Cano but he really hurt the team this year.