Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is the blog will be closing again and this time it may be permanently.

The good news is I`m not going away. I`m moving to the Chuck Knoblog. Charlie wanted another writer and I volunteered. I`ll write their for a while and I`ll decide whether I want to keep both blogs going.

Why Now Carl?

Nw that the Yankees are out the race and he`s pitching meaningless games Carl Pavano is doing great. He`s making a case for him to return next year. If he continues pitching like this for the rest of the year should they bring him back? I`m leaving to go to the game in a few minutes so this will be a quick post.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Before this series I thought the Yankees might actually have a chance at making a run and a comeback. However, they would have to win the series. They didn't and now they`re basically done. 6 out is far to much to overcome. The win yesterday was nice. It keeps things close enough to make things interesting and they can still play the spoiler role. Had they won one of the first two games they would be only 4 out with Joba coming back next week. Phil Hughes also had a good start recently. However, the hole is to deep now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Instant Replay

Instant replay will be implemented Thursday. Good, I don't see the need to test it. What's the point? It will probably slow the games down but so does a manager running out screaming at the umpire. This way they also get the call right.

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers has been placed on waivers. Buster Olney thinks the Yankees will be interested as well. I hope not. They should stay far away from him.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Enough

Three series ago I said the Yankees had to go at least 6-3 and be 5 games out by the end of that stretch. They did exactly that. They`re still a long shot but they`re back in the race.

The series against Boston is huge. If they loose the series they`re just about done.

Also, I think its time to send down Rasner. Alfredo Aceves is mowing down hitters in AAA. He had another great start tonight.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sorry Guys

I`m really sorry about the past few days but I had surgery on Wednesday and its a miserable experience recovering. I`ll feel better in a few days but I just really haven't felt like writing anything.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

2009 Offseason

Over at MLB Trade Rumors they have some thoughts on the Yankee's free agents I`d like to comment on.

Here`s a list of the big Yankees free agents. I may be wrong on some salary numbers:
  • Jason Giambi (Type B free agent, 22 million dollar '09 option, 5 million dollar buyout)
  • Bobby Abreu (Type A free agent)
  • Ivan Rodriguez (Type B free agent)
  • Mike Mussina
  • Andy Pettitte
  • Damaso Marte (6 million dollar '09 option)

I didn't list what type of free agent Moose, Marte, and Pettitte are because we don't know yet.

First of all, I would resign both Pettitte and Mussina. Pettitte could probably be had for a one year deal if he chooses to avoid retirement another year. However, Mussina will probably want a raise and at least a two year deal. I think he`s worth it. He`s reinvented himself and they need him. If either one chooses to retire they could be in trouble for their rotation.

Although Marte has struggled for the Yankees I would bring him back as well. He was one of the best lefty relievers in baseball for Pittsburgh. Its well worth the risk.

The rest of these guys are all connected. They will probably bring back only one of them. I`d offer Abreu arbitration. He`ll probably decline as he can get a multi-year deal elsewhere. That`ll give them three first round draft picks if they don't sign anybody else.

I would then offer both Pudge and Giambi arbitration. I would be shocked if Giambi didn't accept. However, Pudge may be looking for a long term deal. If Pudge does accept then they`ll have to make room at the DH spot. This means trading either Damon or Matsui. Probably Matsui because he may be unable to play the outfield at this point.

What could a package of Matsui, Kennedy, and Melky bring in? The target would probably be a centerfielder, the only huge hole on the team. Then the final move for the Yankees to make would be to sign C.C. Sabathia to be their ace. Hughes can jump into the rotation as soon as someone gets hurt. The team would also still have two first round draft picks to help rebuild a greatly weakened farm system.

Also Brian Cashman's contract is up. Although some fans seem to think that the Yankees should win the World Series every year I`m happy with what he`s done and would bring him back.

So in my opinion the Yankees need to:

  • Resign Pettitte and Mussina
  • Offer Abreu, Pudge, and Giambi arbitration
  • Possibly trade Abreu or Damon
  • Bring back Marte
  • Sign C.C. Sabathia
  • Resign Brian Cashman

I`m Back

I got a new keyboard and I`m back.

I was obviously happy with what they did yesterday but the first gaem against Toronto was a major dissapointment. They can only afford to lose one (MAYBE two) more games against Toronot/Baltimore. Considering they`ll probably lose tonight to Halladay they`re going to need to sweep Baltimore. Sorry for the shortness of this post.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Keyboard Problems

I may have trouble getting on for the next week or so as I`m having problems with my keyboard.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Blame Game- Posada/Matsui

This will probably be my last post in this series.

Posada came into the year after a career year and getting a huge new contract. He wasn't terrible but he certainly wasn't what he was last year. His play was affected by his injury. Runners could steal at will. Finally they decided to shut him down when they got Pudge Rodriguez. The trade for Pudge helped make the catcher position not a total disaster but he was still a dissapointment.

Matsui's injury also took a huge bat out the lineup. The offense has struggled this year and Matsui is a big reason why. They`ve had to juggle with mediocore to just plain bad hitters at DH without him. Now he`s making his way back from injury and could play tomorrow. However, it may be to late.

The Blame Game- Cano

Like his friend Melky, Cano has been a huge dissapointment. Coming into the year I thought he would be one of the best second baseman in the game. Although his fielding has been underrated this year in my opinion his hitting has been awful.

Although it looked like he was turning his season around in the second half he`s fallen off since then. This created some rumors that he might be traded for Matt Kemp.

Unlike Melky I think Cano will be okay. He`s shown more potential over his career. He`s also very reliant on his BA which means if he gets unlucky with his BABIP like he did this year he will suffer. He could still get hot and end the season with solid numbers. I also still want him and Jeter to switch positions. All in all I`m not to worried about Cano but he really hurt the team this year.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We Hate You Carl

Pavano and Hughes have both finished their rehab starts and you know what? Somehow Pavano did much better. Hughes' velocity was down and its to risky to pitch him before he`s totally 100 percent ready. They need another pitcher.

Our options are Chase Wright, Alfredo Aceves, and Carl Pavano. Wright has been very lucky. I would never start him. I`d like to see him traded after the year. Maybe along with Kennedy, Melky, and Matsui/Damon for a good young center-fielder. That leaves Aceves and Pavano. I wanted Aceves instead of Kennedy but I think I`d have to go with Pavano instead.

They signed him to what is now an absurd deal that looked pretty good at the time. They also have had numerous chances to dump on another team. Including reportedly at least one at the trade deadline this year. They may as well go with him now. They don't have anything to lose and they have everything to gain. The season's on the line and Rasner, Rasner, and Ponson are all in our rotation. Not to mention Mussina is our ace and as a shot at the Cy Young award and 20 wins.

If Pavano struggles then Hughes can fill his spot with Aceves waiting to step in for Ponson or Rasner to get bombed. Tomorrow is yet another big game. The game against Roy Halladay is next to a guarenteed loss so they need to take tomorrow's game.

1) Mussina
2) Pettitte
3) Ponson
4) Rasner
5) Pavano

Somebody please shoot me.


Although they`ve inched closer the Yankees still have the odds heavily against them for the playoffs. Help is on the way though.
  • Matsui started his rehab assignment yesterday. He could be back by Tuesday as a DH for the year. It should be interesting to see what they do. I would think Damon would move to center but Gardner has been playing well of late. He`d obviously be a big bat to add.
  • Phil Hughes is pitching today in his last rehab start. He could be up for the game on Wednesday if he does well. He could be terrible like he was earlier in the year. Or he could be brilliant like last year. He`s replaced his slider with a cutter.
  • Some guy named Carl Pavano is also making a rehab start today in AA. Its his last rehab start. He could also be up for the game on Wednesday. I think the spot will go to whoever pitches better today. The other will come up to replace Rasner soon. Hopefully Pavano can stay healthy until Joba gets back. ;)
  • Joba is also on his way back. He`ll probably come in for whoever happens to be struggling when he`s ready.

All of these guys could be helpful additions. Particularly Matsui and Joba.

A series win?

They actually finally won a series. Granted it was against Kansas City but I`ll take it. Its to bad they couldn't win that first game and get the sweep but oh well. Boston lost again so they`re 5 games out and back in that borderline contender range. Also, Boston is only .5 games ahead of Chicago and Minnesota.

I said yesterday this was a must win and they delivered. After Mussina's first inning I though they were in trouble and kind of annoyed at Michael Kay's constant references to Mussina's first inning struggles. However, he settled down and gave them what they needed, 7 innings of 3 run ball. He gave the bullpen a desperately needed rest.

The offense also exploded after a pathetic showing yesterday. A-Rod's first inning home run to tie it was huge and Nady's homer to give them the lead was also great. They showed everyone why the Yankees didn't want Brian Bannister.

However, lets not get ahead of ourselves. They`re still only in third in the wild card and the next series is big. They have to face both Burnett and Halladay. They need to take 2/3 against Toronto. They have a day off tomorrow.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Blame Game- Melky

Melky has been a controversial figure for Yankees fans. On one side we had people who said he was young and that it was impressive for him to even be in the majors at his age. His fielding was great and his hitting could only improve from here. On the other side we had fans who though he was a 4th outfielder. His hitting was below average. His defense was overrated. I was one of the former.

I`ve been a huge supporter of Melky comparing him to guys like Carlos Beltran. However, he has been an absolutely pathetic hitter this year. Literally, he was one of the worst hitters in baseball this year. His defense also seemed to drop off with him making mental mistakes. It finally earned him a long overdue demotion to AAA for Brett Gardner who had a big day today. This year was an important one for Melky and he really blew it. I`m very close to calling him a bust.

In April things looked great for Melky. He had power developing and he was hitting. Things have gone only downhill from there. I think we may see him traded in the offseason. The only question is who will hold over centerfield until Austin jackson is (hopefully) ready. It doesn't look like it will be Melky.

Can they do it?

Right now after a Yankees win and Boston loss they are 6 games behind Boston for first in the wild card and 4.5 games behind Chicago/Minnesota for second. Things don't look good. I think they`re pretty much done. However, they do have a small chance.

The next 3 series (counting the current one) are huge. They`re all against weaker teams and the Yankees have a chance to beat up on them. Kansas City, Toronto, and Baltimore are all beatable (although Toronto is tough). They need to win at least 6 of their 9 games against these teams if they`re going to make a run. They`re only 1-1 so far and tomorrow's game against Kansas City is huge. They need to win this series badly. They have Mussina pitching which is good but its certainly no sure thing.

Hughes needs only one more minor league start before coming up, Joba has started throwing, Matsui will begin his rehab performances today in A ball, and even Pavano is making his way back. They need to be 4 or 5 games out at the end of this "easy" stretch. After this stretch some of these injured players will be coming back for the stretch run and we`ll know whether or not they have a chance. Again, tomorrow is huge. They NEED a win

Last Game

I went to the game today and it was ugly but it was fun. I missed the game yesterday but from I heard it was ugly. It may be my last game at the old stadium. It was a good one to.

For the first 6 innings we did our now typical whining about hitting with RISP and they`re terrible luck. However, in the 7th they capitalized on 2 errors and a wild pitch to tie the game at 2. By the time the 13th rolled around the stadium had just about emptied out. Finally, Brett Gardner got the walk off hit for the second time in his young career.

Ponson did his typical performance getting into a ton of jams and miraculously getting out. He`s become this year's Aaron Small with less run support. The bullpen was also brilliant. The only one who did poorly was Damaso Marte who walked the only batter he faced. I`m more than a little worried about him. I still like him but he seems to need to adjust to a new team. Maybe for now Girardi should try and have him avoid key spots.

Although it doesn't really matter in the big picture it was a good game.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Brett Gardner and Cody Ransom will be called up. Richie Sexson is gone and Melky will be sent to AAA. I like the Gardner/Melky move. The season is basically over and they may as well see what Gardner has for next year. I intially didn't like the Sexson/Ransom move but since th season is basically over they may as well see if Ransom can do better than Betemi for next year.

The Blame Game- Wang

Our next target in this series is Chien Ming Wang.

He was hurt in interleague play (I think against the Pirates) while running around the bases. Hank came out with some comments about how the NL needed to make the pitchers stop hitting afterwards. He was upset and I can't really blame him. During every off-season it seems like theirs a debate over whether Chien Ming Wang is an ace or not. He came out of the gate pitching great as usual and was even striking out hitters with his slider. He slowed down as the season went on but his injury was a crippling blow. Whether he should be or not he`s the Yankees best pitcher and losing him was awful.

We had hopes he`s be back by the middle of September but he won't be until October when the Yankees won't be playing anymore. They`re throwing out bad pitchers and seeing if they can catch lightning in a bottle. That doesn't usually work out that well. Wang was irreplaceable for the Yankees. They`ll be glad to have him back next year.

Damon to Center

Another reason for Damon moving to center could simply be to see if he can handle it next year. I doubt he can though.

Gerritt Cole to College

The Yankees first round draft pick has opted for college instead of signing according to Tyler Kepner. This is a problem. The farm relies on being replenished every year through the draft. The Yankees will get the 29th overall pick next year in addition to the one they already will get and any ones they may acquire through free agency.

With Pudge and Abreu both as Type A free agents they have a chance for a monster draft this year.

Damon to Centerfield

The Newark Star Ledger is reporting that Damon will be taking over in center for now. I don't see the point. We lose some on defense and essentialy its Betemit/Sexson replacing Melky/Christian. Its kind of a wash unless they`re just trying to boost Damon's trade value.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Blame Game- The Big Three

We all knew going into the year that Cashman was taking a big risk by having 3/5 of our rotation as rookies. We heard going into the year that Kennedy was the most ready of the "Big Three." Next was Hughes and then Joba. Then in reverse order was the potential. It didn't work out like that. Hughes and Kennedy consistently were embarassingly awful. Both were injured as well fairly early on. Kennedy also seemed to have an attitude problem that we never heard about that surfaced again when he returned a week or so ago. We are still waiting for Hughes' return and I thought he had the potential to be the Yankees savior if they didn't fall back as far as they did.

On the other hand, Joba was everything they could have hoped for. He became one of the most dominating pitchers in baseball. His transition from the bullpen could not have been smoother which was partially because of the bullpen's dominance. Him and Mussina were a very good 1-2 punch in the rotation. However, as we all know he went down with rotator cuff tendinitis. Ultimately, that injury is one of the reasons they collapsed. Rasner and Kennedy each had one start that would have gone to Joba and very well may have been won. Also, his last start which he lost may have been affected by his injury.Had he gotten those 3 extra wins they`d be 3.5 games back instead of a devestating 6.5. Obviously, he may not have won them all though.

Kennedy seems to be in AAA for the rest of the year and his stock has plummeted in the eyes of Yankees fans. However, despite Hughes' struggles other GM's still seem to think highly of him. The last month and a half should be interesting just to see how Hughes does. He will get one more rehab start than be brought up again. Joba's injury does not seem to be long term and he was really great while up. I think its safe to pencil him in for a rotation spot next year (barring some unforseen September event). Kennedy seems to be on the path to be traded in the off-season while if Hughes pitches well he may earn himself a rotation spot next year.

Many fans may look back at the Johan Santana trade proposals now and wonder why we didn't made the move. Melky, Kennedy, and Hughes all failed to deliver this year. However, we need to give Hughes more time. Cashman really had no choice but to go with them for the season.

Its Over....

I really hate to say it but this season is basically dead. 6.5 games out is to much to overcome for this team. Baring a Mets like collapse by Boston and Minnesota/Chicago this team has no hope for a comeback. I`ll keep the blog going for the rest of the year on the off-chance we`ll come back. As we go along through the rest of the season I`ll try and identify some of the reasons this team couldn't come through. In addition to this teams major flaws Giese is now injured and Hughes/Pavano will need another start before they can come back. Its really a shame to have a season like this to end the last year in the old stadium. I`m extremely dissapointed. After the trade deadline I thought this team was destined for great things. Now its time to just sit back and see how things set up for next year. Theirs still a few interesting things to watch for like the fact that Moose/Pettitte may be fighting for a rotation spot next year, how Hughes/Joba do, and a few other things. Maybe they can pull off a miraculous comeback but I have to say I`d be totally shocked.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We Live

A day after Hank basically declared the season over the Yankees got a big win. For a few innings it looked like they would gain a game on Boston. However, Boston came back against Texas and they merely hold their ground at 5 games back. Today is another big game.

Mussina pitched fairly well. Not his usual brilliance but 7 innings of 3 run ball is fine for me. Marte had another dissapointing performance. He`s been a dissapointment. Rivera also blew his first save of the year. He`s been bad lately.A-Rod picked up the team with a game-winning homer. Imagine that, a clutch hit.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Byrd to Boston

Paul Byrd has been traded to the Red Sox. The Yankees had some interest in him. However, its not really a big deal. He doesn't strike guys out at all and doesn't have a great GB%. His FIP is over 5.00. He might even be a downgrade for Boston. Let them take his salary.

Garcia to Tigers

Freddy Garcia is going to sign a deal with the Tigers. I`m slightly dissapointed about this but Pavano should be ready at about the same time as Garcia and he may be a better option believe it or not.

Just Survive

Things are looking bad now but if we can survive long enough to get some injured players back then we may have a shot at a comeback. Phil Hughes is just about ready and although he`s definitely no sure thing he could be better than Giese/Ponson/Rasner. Matsui is making his way back and would be a great bat to add. Pavano is almost back and if he stays healthy then he could also be better than Giese/Pavano/Rasner. Freddy Garcia is also a FA option I would`ve signed before Wednesday's start. Not to mention Mark Melancon is sitting in AAA just dominating.

The Yankees are slumping now and Boston is hot right now. Things are bound to reverse themselves but we need this to happen before its to late. If they can gain a fame or two on Boston in the next week or so then they may be in much better shape. I`m not saying you can count on them but if everything works out then they still can make the playoffs.

Joba Throwing, Matsui Running

Joba will be starting his throwing program on Friday. By that time we may have a better view on whether the Yankees should bring him back or not for the season. Their in that fringe competitor spot where they`re one hot streak away from getting back in the race but also one losing streak from virtual elimination. The losing streak needs to end tonight.

Also, I`ve neglected Matsui's recovery partially because because I was resigned to him being out for the season. He`s started running and could be back soon. Obviously he`d be a great bat to add.

Rasner to replace Kennedy

Maybe some rest was what he needed. It`ll probably just be one start than Hughes will be back.

Luchinno Leaving Boston?

Jon Heyman is reporting that he`s thinking about that after the year. God, I hope so. I can't stand the guy.

Monday, August 11, 2008

That was pathetic

Same old Yankees. Unless something shocking happens really fast then its probably about time to start looking towards next year.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


This was an incredibly frustrating series for Yankees fans.

I only caught bits and pieces of this game. I heard about the A-Rod steal later on and judging by the replay he was safe. I agree with the decision to steal. However, I had a big problemwith Marte pitching the 9th. Rivera should have been out there to start the inning. Now Marte is probably unavailable for tomorrow. Girardi has a habit of using Marte for 2 innings that needs to end now. That was clearly a mistake. It seemed like Joe Torre was back managing for a minute there. That ball that won the game should have been fielded by either Cano or Betemit. At least the other Wild Card teams lost. The next series is a big one. Minnesota is ahead in the wild card race and this is the time the Yankees need to step up. On the bright side Pettitte seemed to have pitched well. If he`s okay then it helps them a ton.

Also, Kennedy got sent down for Billy Traber. I wish it had been Melancon that was called up. However, I think it was a good move. I think it`d be nice to see Jarrod Washburn going on Wednesday..... If not I think they`ll end up trying Hughes for 85 pitches.

This is the time they need to step up and go on some sort of winning streak otherwise they`re just not going to make the playoffs. Boston has many of the same problems we do and they can be caught but right now I have to say I doubt they`ll do it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last Chance Moves

Although the trade deadline has passed their are still a few moves the Yankees can make to patch up the team. Here`s what I reccomend:

1) Call up Mark Melancon- I`m sure you`ve all heard of Mark Melancon by now. He`s the guy who came back from Tommy John surgery this year and has lived up to every bit of the hype. He`s shut down hitters at every level this year and was recently called up to AAA where his dominance continues. I realize the risk of rushing guys and having them end up like Craig Hansen. However, it may be time to call him up. The bullpe is clearly in need of help after today's meltdowns by Veras and Ramirez. I still like Farnsworth trade, he`s struggled since being traded anyway. However, he left a hole in the bullpen that Marte really hasn't filled.

He`s wasting his time in AAA. Call him up and send down Bruney who clearly isn't fully over his injury either.

2) Trade for Jarrod Washburn- He`s passed through waivers so now the Mariners can trade him. I still believe he would fit in perfectly as a reliable guy who will give you a quality start which is what is needed more than anything else. I like Phil Hughes and I actually think Pavano could useful. However, I don't really trust them and I`m not sold on Ponson, Giese, or Kennedy. Maybe now that Washburn has actually passed through waivers the Mariners will realize his value isn't as high as they think it is. He can push Kennedy out of the rotation immediately.

3) Replace Cabrera with Christian- Although I have been a big Melky supporter I can't ignore what he`s done this year. Christian has played well in his chances at the majors. Melky Cabrera is truly an awful hitter and his fielding isn't as great as some people say it is.

That's about it. They probably won't make a huge difference but I think they`d help the team and they need everything they can get.

What the hell happened?

When I left the house the Yankees were up 3-1 in the 7th inning. Giese had pitched incredibly well and things were actually looking pretty good. When I got back the Angels were up 11-4 in the 9th. Things are starting to unravel. If Boston wins the Yankees will be 4 games back. Thats not a good place to be. Things are slowly starting to unravel.

All of a sudden the bullpen is looking overworked and tired. Marte has so far failed to be what we hoped he would be. The offense is playing better as a result of the trades made. However, its not enough. While we`re all hoping the Yankees can pull things together it looks like they`re just plain not good enough. Yes, with some luck and a good week they could be first in the wild card but had Boston played better recently then they could be much farther out. I`m not ready to give up yet but things are looking grim. All we can do is hope Boston loses tonight and they can hold their ground until help comes from somewhere.

On the bright side Giese pitched very well and if he can cement another spot in the rotation they may have a chance. A-Rod and Giambi both had big homers today which be a sign they are breaking out of their slumps.

Nothing has changed

Last night we saw the same old Kennedy. I never really liked him as much as Joba or Hughes and didn't want him called up. However, we`re stuck with him. He`ll probably get one more start which I guess is the right move. Its very hard to make up ground when you only have 1 reliable starter.

We need a win tonight. However, we have Dan Giese pitching against John Lackey which is really bad. In a way he`s competing with Kennedy for a starting spot for when Hughes gets back.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pudge back

Pudge will be starting today. Good thing his injury wasn't to serious.

Pettitte to make next start

Now Mark Feinsand, the guy that originally reported Pettitte would miss a start, is reversing his original statement. Although, he may get an extra day of rest. I`m worried about him to be honest.

Pettitte to make next start?

Both Girardi and Pettitte denied he would be missing his next start. Even though the Yankees usually downplay injuries I think I`m willing to believe them here.

Kennedy Returns, Hughes close?

I have to say this is not a matchup I`m relishing. Jered Weaver against the newly returned Ian Kennedy. However, anything is possible I suppose. We need Kennedy to pitch solidly down the stretch if we`re going to make the playoffs.

Phil Hughes was apparently brilliant in AAA last night. His next start should be 85 pitches. Should they bring him up to the majors for this one or give him one more start in AAA and give Giese a chance? I`m leaning towards the second one. Apparently Hughes has also replaced his slider with a cutter in the high '80's. I like it. It hads more seperation between his curve and cutter. Also I think its awesome that Rivera is helping the next generation of Yankees pitchers. We`re going to need Hughes down the stretch even more than Kennedy.

Mussina for Cy Young?

The way he`s pitched this year he may deserve it considering the writers hate giving awards to noncompetitive team's players or relievers. He may have a shot at 20 wins which is for some reason worth something in the eyes of the writers. However, his early season struggles may cost him.

Anyway, he bailed out a struggling Yankees offense yet again with a 7 inning shutout. Bruney and Rivera finished the game with two shutout innings. Its getting to the point in the year where sometimes my thoughts drift towards next year and if Mussina keeps doing what he`s doing it should be interesting to see what type of contract he gets. Despite all the injuries we`re only .5 games behind Minnesota and 3 games behind Boston for the wild card.

I`ll have some more posts later.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pettitte hurt to?????!!!!!

Mark Feinsand is reporting that Pettitte will miss his start against the Angels. However, Girardi denied it. We`ll see but this is getting kid of ridiculous.

An interesting thought

I had a thought yesterday after I heard Joba might be back later this year. If the Yankees can somehow make the playoffs and they do end up getting Wang back for the playoffs think about their rotation:

1) Mussina
2) Joba
3) Wang
4) Pettitte

And then theirs the wild card in Phil Hughes. Just a thought that if we get in we may have a chance after all.


Well we know that Joba's going to the 15 day DL now. The exact injury is rotator cuff tendinitis which I know nothing about. Joba is going to skip a week and then start throwing again. Their won't be any surgery for Joba which is definitely a good thing. We may see Joba again this year which is also definitely a good thing.

However, wasn't Posada originally diagnosed with a similar injury? And look what happened to him. We need Joba for the stretch run but we also need him to be healthy for next year above all else. For now we`ll just have to ride Ponson/Giese/Kennedy? for anything we can get out of them and just try and stay in the race.


Yesterday's win was just what the Yankees needed. With the news on Joba that I`ll have a post on later they needed a win. The offense did well, the bullpen shut Texas down (including Rivera), and the starting pitcher went deep into the game. Sidney Ponson has really shocked me that he`s still in the rotation. I had huge doubts when he was signed and wanted him out of the rotation the day he got in. However, he`s hung in their with a few bad starts but mostly good ones. Is he merely still getting lucky or is their actually something left in this guy?

His K/BB is seriously awful. Its 1.27. However, he seems to try to offset this by doing two things. First, both his K/9 and BB/9 are very low. This means he doesn't depend on them very much generally pitching to contact. His GB% has also been high, in the low 50%, and this year is actually a little higher than usual. Even so it would seem like he`s been getting lucky. That GB% can't offset the complete lack of K's.

However, his BABIP is actually well above average. Its .324 and should be expected to come down a little. His HR/FB% is very slightly below the normal 10%. He`s probably actually been a little unlucky.

Its a very strange year for him. In addition, his FIP is a pretty solid 4.50. For now he`s helping the Yankees and has actually been decent while he`s been up here. I hate to say it but they`re counting on Sidney Ponson to help make the playoffs for at least a little while.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yup, we`re screwed

Joba is going to the 15 day DL. Hopefully it`ll only be 15 d days but I`m not to optimistic at this point.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pitching Rotation

Now that Joba's hurt it puts yet another spot in the rotation in question. I don't trust Ponson at all and now if Joba is seriously hurt they`ll need to fill another spot. Ponson MUST be replaced if they`re going to make the playoffs and especially if they hope to go deep into the playoffs. The early rumors we`re hearing are positive for Joba but I`m still nervous.

An interesting option is Freddy Garcia. He`s coming back from shoulder surgery and is very close to returning. The Yankees are supposedly interested in him. I like what he did before getting hurt a lot. I would definitely like the Yankees to give him an incentive laden 2 year deal. I doubt he`d be to expensive so if he struggles they can just get rid of him.

If Joba is out for the season then we may see Jarrod Washburn rumors revived. I might be willing to give up slightly more for him if Joba is hurt. However, I would still draw the line at a top line prospect like Jackson. Ideally the Mariner's GM will come to his senses and become suddenly willing to give up Washburn. However, its still probably unlikely.

Darell Rasner has suddenly been given another chance to stay in the rotation. Although, I like him better than Ponson they have better options. If they`re unable to get Garcia or Washburn and Joba is out for the year then their might be room for him.

Dan Giese didn't intially inspire confidence in me. However, looking at his numbers in AAA he may not be such a bad option and is probably an upgrade over Rasner. Since 2006 he`s had great K/BB in the minors as well as his brief stint with the Giants in the major last year. I suppose he`s worth a shot.

Alfredo Aceves has really blown away hitters in the minors in his first year of American baseball. I`ve already said that I think they`d be better off calling him up then Kennedy. If they`re unable to get Garcia or Washburn or Giese struggles then he may be a good option.

Chase Wright is a guy I totally forgot about. His ERA has been brilliant this year and he wasn't truly awful in the majors other than that one inning against Boston so on the surface he seems like a solid option. However, in AA his K/BB was a very poor 1.56. This indicates he was very lucky in AA which is where he was for most of the season I prefer just about anyone to him including Ponson.

The Yankees seem to have soured on Kennedy. They didn't really like his attitude earlier this year or (of course) his performance. I think the problem for him may have been mental. However, I`d hesitate to call him up again. After what he did in the majors earlier this year I don't see why he`d be suddenly ready after a few months.

Carl Pavano and Phil Hughes are also working their way back.

While its very tempting to give Pavano a shot it isn't very realistic. Dropping him into that clubhouse could spell disaster. I see Freddy Garcia as being a better option.

Hughes still has the potential to an ace. That hasn't changed in the past year. However, he could also be a disaster. Of these pitchers he`s the only one who truly can turn their season around. The season really depends on him. Especially if Joba is out. The Yankees simply don't have the pitching right now to make the playoffs let alone go deep into them. Pettitte is unreliable and while Mussina has been great he`s pretty old by now and could easily get tired at the end of the season. In my opinion the odds are heavily against the Yankees right now and only Phil Hughes really has the potential to carry them in.

If Joba is okay then I would reccomend this for a rotation:

1) Mussina
2) Joba
3) Pettitte
4) Hughes
5) Washburn

Obviously this is the very best case scenario and I doubt they`ll be able to get Washburn. If he is unattainable I`d sign Freddy Garcia.

If Joba is out for the year I`d have this for a rotation:

1) Mussina
2) Pettitte
3) Hughes
4) Washburn
5) Garcia

In this case I would have to make a tough decision if Washburn can't be had for a reasonable price. I prefer Aceves over Kennedy. However, Pavano is also an option. I think I might actually go with Pavano on this one. If he gets hurt then we can just call up Aceves. In this second scenario I would be very surprised to see the Yankees make the playoffs if Washburn can't be had. The first one I would have much much more confidence in. We`re depending a lot on Joba.

Girardi and Chamberlain Optimistic

Girardi and Joba were both optimistic about Chamberlain's injury. he`ll be taking an MRI later today and we`ll know how long he`ll be out.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Well that was a disaster

Well that was a disaster. Boston and Tampa both lost and we wasted that opportunity. When Jeter hit that ball to center I though they were going to win for a split second. But I guess now we know how valuable Rivera really is.

Theirs nobody you can specifically point the finger at. Joba was okay for the first few innings then he mysteriously got hurt, the offense scored 5 runs, Marte had to pitch 2 innings, and Girardi didn't really have any better options. I guess you just have to take this loss and move on. At least we didn't lose ground.

However, the pitching rotation got shook up badly. We don't know how bad Joba's injury is and if its serious then they`re going to desperately need somebody to step up. I`ll have more on the rotation tomorrow when we know more about his injury. Rasner's will be switching spots with Dan Giese as well. My first impression is its a bad move but I`ll have a post on this tomorrow as well hopefully.

Shelley/Hughes back to AAA

Hughes and Shelley are back in AAA. Hughes will probably spend a few more starts in AAA but hopefully he`ll be back soon. Shelley might be a nice pinch hitter during Septmeber call ups.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pitching Rotation-Immediate Options

At the trade deadline I wanted the Yankees to pick up Jarrod Washburn. However, the Mariners really screwed up and held out for more than the Yankees were willing to give up. So both teams get screwed now. The Mariners are stuck with his contract and the Yankees are minus one reliable starter. I had hopes they could trade for him before August 31, the waiver trade deadline, however, that doesn't seem to be possible either. So, the Yankees will have to look inside the organization to help out their rotation.

Lets assume their are no injuries which is actually a pretty big if considering Mussina and Pettitte's age. However, they can't really plan for injuries injuries to their top three because if any of those guys get hurt it`ll be near impossible for them to make the playoffs and go deep. Right now the rotation is something like this:

1) Mussina
2) Joba
3) Pettitte
4) Ponson
5) Rasner

After Rasner's start today he will probably be DFA'ed to make room for another pitcher. Although, I have been a big defender of his I can't say I`d be to upset with the move. Ponson will likely undeservedly stay after his lucky 7 inning shutout for another start or two but he`s destined to be gone eventually.

Immediately available they have these pitchers they may consider calling up:

1) Ian Kennedy
2) Alefredo Aceves
3) Kei Igawa (Just Kidding)

I have to admit, I had never heard of Aceves until this year when he started pitching to an ERA below 2.00 in AA. He`s not a great prospect because he`s 25 but you never know I guess. On the other hand, Kennedy has been hyped probably more than he really needed.

Kennedy was literally about as bad as you can be in the majors. His biggest problem was his control absolutely dissapeared. His BB/9 went from 2.86 in AAA in 2007 to 5.97 while he was in the majors this year. It was also very obvious if you just watched him. The lack of control also resulted in much more HR's being given up. Control doesn't just dissapear because the hitters get better which suggests the problem was just his head. Its also interesting that I don't remember them specifying what the injury was to Kennedy (although I may just be forgetting). Kennedy seems to have made a succesful return to AAA as well. He may be ready for the big leagues after all.

However, all this ignores the fact that Aceves has flat-out outpitched Kennedy in the minors this year. Kennedy has been good but he`s also benefited from extraordinarily good luck. He has a .210 BABIP in AAA this year. So far Aceves pretty much average luck in AAA (although he was pretty lucky in AA with a .243 BABIP). Aceve's FIP's have been below 3.00 in each level except AAA in which it is 3.01. Aceves has displayed incredible control this year walking less per nine innings in each level this year then Kennedy ever has, although, he has struck out less.

Personally I think both Rasner and Ponson should be replaced. I think ultimately this is what will happen. However, until his next start Ponson is probably safe. I would call up Aceves first. He`s clearly done better than Kennedy ever has. While Kennedy is the big name Aceves has done better in fact.

Rivera Day to Day

Rivera is day to day with back spasms. He won't be hurt long but every game is critical at this point. It really is a good thing they got Marte now but optimally you don't want him closing a big game. Rivera is hoping to be okay by tomorrow.

Shocking Win

I really expected the Yankees to lose today. I was completely shocked by today's game. Rasner was terrible and I`d be surprised if Kennedy didn't replace him next time around the rotation. He deserves a spot in the rotation more than Ponson but admittedly he hasn't been that great since his first month either.

Giese was great keeping them in the game. However, I wouldn't be so fast to give him another start like some people are suggesting. Edwar was dissapointing. He was great striking out the first two guys and nearly struck out the next guy but he completely lost the strike zone.

What impressed me most was the offense of course. The first 6 or 7 runs were all driven in by the new Yankees. Pudge had a homer and Nady was absolutely amazing. Had they let Boston gain another game on them they would have been in trouble.

I`ll have more thoughts on the pitching rotation later.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thank God

We desperately needed a win today. With Rasner going against Lackey tomorrow a loss today would have likely meant a four game sweep. Mussina and Joba are an excellent 1-2 punch for the rotation. Mussina has probably earned a contract for next year and beyond. After his last start I had some concern he might go through a rough stretch which would mean we`re screwed. Instead Mussina came through yet again with 7 innings of 2 run ball. He could have also pitched the 8th but Girardi took him out after about 90 pitches which is probably a good idea since he`ll be needed down the stretch. Veras and Bruney both pitched shutout innings. It would be pretty cool if Bruney could pitch like he was before he got hurt. Especially since you have to figure some of these guys will regress next year.

The offense broke through. I have to admit, before the game I questioned Girardi's decision to have no Cano and no I-Rod the same day. However, Molina had an awesome day. Molina and Rodriguez both play better with rest. A-Rod hit homer number 542 and pretty much everyone chipped in. Now we need to hope Minnesota/Texas/Boston/Tampa lose today to make up some ground. Especially since they`ll still probably lose tomorrow.

Old Timers Day

I just wanted to make a quick post about this. I think YES and the Yankees handled this very well. It was especially cool to see Willie Randolph get a standing ovation. I think their is a very good chance he`ll be back with the Yankees at some. I was somewhat dissapointed by some missing players like Mattingly and Bernie. However, it was still very nice to see so many legends. I also thought it was really cool to see Aaron Small and David Wells. It says something that some fans wanted the Yankees to sign a guy that eventually played in the old timers game. I`ll have thoughts on the real game later.

I really hate this game

This is probably the worst thing that culd have possibly happened for the Yankees. All of our competitors won and Rivera blew the game in the 9th. Not only this but Ponson really didn't pitch that well. He only struck out one and walked four. His defense saved him a number of times as well. If we`d gotten a win it would`ve been fine but we didn't. So now Ponson will get another start before Kennedy or Aceves gets called up. The offense was totally shut down as well despite Cashman's changes.

We desperately need the offense to come alive today. The odds are against it with Lackey pitching but they`ll need to score some runs. Rasner may be pitching for his job again and it would be a crime to send him down and have Ponson stay up.

Friday, August 1, 2008

All Apologies

Sorry about the lack of a post on yesterday's game. I only had time for this post and I thought you`d rather have this.

So, when I first wrote about the deadline I said the Yankees had four problems they had to adress.

  • A right handed hitting outfielder
  • A starter
  • A catcher that can hit
  • A left handed reliever

Well, I suggested two trades for the Yankees. Kennedy and Ohlendorf for Marte and Nady and Igawa and Gardner for Washburn. I had no hope for the catching situation.

Well I was almost right on the first trade. Cashman traded Tabata, Ohlendorf, Karstens, and McCutchen for Nady Marte. I prefer this to my proposed deal. I prefer Kennedy to Tabata and they probably would have had to add one or two lower players to my trade anyway. This perfectly solved the first and last needs. This deal also helped set up the next one.

Cashman came out of nowhere and solved the catcher problem by trading Kyle Farnsworth for Ivan Rodriguez. Farnsworth was made expendable by the Marte acquistion. Rodriguez also slides neatly into the catcher role and will get the Yanks and extra first round pick after the year. Another good trade.

The final trade I suggested never happened because of the Mariner's idiocy. Nobody else on the market was really better than what they have in the organization. They also made two other extremely minor deals. In addition, Brian Bruney is being called up and Britton goes back to Scranton. So here`s who's replacing who after the moves and the change in WARP3 (Note, I`m only using WARP3 as a quick easy method of evaluating, I realize the formula is unknown, also WARP3 is wins over the whole season):

Ivan Rodriguez replaces Jose Molina as starting catcher: +2.6 wins

Jose Molina replaces Chad Moeller as backup catcher: +2.6 wins

Xavier Nady replaces Brett Gardner as left-fielder: +7.5 wins

Damaso Marte replaces Kyle Farnsworth as reliever: +1.0 wins

Brian Bruney replaces Latroy Hawkins as reliever: +.3 wins

In addition they essentially trade these prospects:

Jose Tabata, Alberto Gonzalez, Dan McCutchen, Ross Ohlendorf, Jeff Karstens, and a second round pick for Jhonny Nunez, a first round pick, and sandwhich round pick

So they added 14 wins over a full season and the only major prospect they gave up was Jose Tabata. The others are all replaceable. They could get another top line prospects with the draft pick anyway. The damage to the farm is really minimal.

Another move was the Richie Sexson signing. I didn't add him because noody really had his role before him. However, it seems that he has had little effect on the team.

Cash gave up very little in the minors and the team is much better now then before the deadline (althought there record doesn't show it yet). Washburn could still pass through waivers if the Mariner's come to their senses. Kennedy and Aceves also may be able to make the jump. Besides this Marte and Nady will both be around next year as well. I think the Yankees had an excellent trade deadline and Cashman gets an A+. Now they have to start performing on the field though.