Thursday, August 21, 2008

2009 Offseason

Over at MLB Trade Rumors they have some thoughts on the Yankee's free agents I`d like to comment on.

Here`s a list of the big Yankees free agents. I may be wrong on some salary numbers:
  • Jason Giambi (Type B free agent, 22 million dollar '09 option, 5 million dollar buyout)
  • Bobby Abreu (Type A free agent)
  • Ivan Rodriguez (Type B free agent)
  • Mike Mussina
  • Andy Pettitte
  • Damaso Marte (6 million dollar '09 option)

I didn't list what type of free agent Moose, Marte, and Pettitte are because we don't know yet.

First of all, I would resign both Pettitte and Mussina. Pettitte could probably be had for a one year deal if he chooses to avoid retirement another year. However, Mussina will probably want a raise and at least a two year deal. I think he`s worth it. He`s reinvented himself and they need him. If either one chooses to retire they could be in trouble for their rotation.

Although Marte has struggled for the Yankees I would bring him back as well. He was one of the best lefty relievers in baseball for Pittsburgh. Its well worth the risk.

The rest of these guys are all connected. They will probably bring back only one of them. I`d offer Abreu arbitration. He`ll probably decline as he can get a multi-year deal elsewhere. That`ll give them three first round draft picks if they don't sign anybody else.

I would then offer both Pudge and Giambi arbitration. I would be shocked if Giambi didn't accept. However, Pudge may be looking for a long term deal. If Pudge does accept then they`ll have to make room at the DH spot. This means trading either Damon or Matsui. Probably Matsui because he may be unable to play the outfield at this point.

What could a package of Matsui, Kennedy, and Melky bring in? The target would probably be a centerfielder, the only huge hole on the team. Then the final move for the Yankees to make would be to sign C.C. Sabathia to be their ace. Hughes can jump into the rotation as soon as someone gets hurt. The team would also still have two first round draft picks to help rebuild a greatly weakened farm system.

Also Brian Cashman's contract is up. Although some fans seem to think that the Yankees should win the World Series every year I`m happy with what he`s done and would bring him back.

So in my opinion the Yankees need to:

  • Resign Pettitte and Mussina
  • Offer Abreu, Pudge, and Giambi arbitration
  • Possibly trade Abreu or Damon
  • Bring back Marte
  • Sign C.C. Sabathia
  • Resign Brian Cashman

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