Thursday, February 21, 2008

2008 Red Sox-Yankees Comparison- Third Base

Third Base

Yankees- Alex Rodriguez- A-Rod started off last season insanely well. He had two huge walk-off homers in April and singlehandedly kept the team from falling to far. By the end of the season he was the obvious pick for the AL MVP and had cemented his spot as the best player in baseball again. He was criticized for his playoff performance less so than before. However, on the day the Red Sox won the World Series A-Rod opted out of his contract. Hank said they wouldn't go after him either. For a while we had to deal with the thought of A-Rod playing shortstop for the Red Sox while we had Wilson Betemit at third. Instead though, Alex came back to the Yankees and asked to return to negotiations. After a day or two we started hearing they had a 10 year, 275 million dollar deal ready (maximum 300 million with incentives) and were just working out details. While many Yankees fans groaned most seem to have accepted him and decided having one of the top ten players in baseball history playing third base might not be such a bad thing after all. While I doubt he`ll repeat his amazing 2007 season (.355 EQA from a guy that should be playing shortstop is just insane) he should still be the best third baseman in baseball.

Red Sox- Mike Lowell- Lowell was supposed to be a salary dump from the Marlins to the Red Sox in the Josh Beckett deal. Instead, he was the answer for the Red Sox at third base. He was always a great defender. However, after an awful 2005 he took off at the plate. Last year he improved again. He ended 2007 as the World Series MVP and Boston fans were chanting "Bring back Lowell" during the World Series in anticipation of his free agency. They eventually did resign him but not before the Yankees considered him for first base (possibly just to push up the price). He eventually got a three year extension for 38 million.

Conclusion- Yankees- Lowell is a very good player for Boston but their's just no comparison between A-Rod and Lowell. A-Rod's got a chance for the all-time HR record, a chance at being one of the top 10 players of all-time, a chance at being the greatest third baseman ever, and already is a lock for the Hall of Fame. In an off year in 2006 when A-Rod was booed he was still better than Lowell's very best season. Again, most teams would love to have Lowell on their team but A-Rod's in a class of his own.

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