Monday, February 25, 2008

ESPN to show last game at Yankee Stadium

Sadly its true. I`m not a fan of Michael Kay and they pile on the aura and mystique stuff but all in all YES does a much better job than ESPN. I`ll take Kay over Steve Phillips or Joe Morgan any day.

You all know my thoughts on the stadium. I don't like the move but I can deal with it and understand but I really think they should leave the old one standing as a museum or something like that. Maybe only leave the lower layer standing if you can't maintain the entire stadium?

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Anonymous said...

If we are lucky, they will also get rid of Suzyn Waldman and John "no, it's a fould ball" Sterling. They are the absolute worst broadcasters. Annoying, unprofessional, and self-promoting. The Yankees deserve much better than these two idiots.
C'mon George, listen to one game on the radio and you will gag.