Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How much does Jeter cost the Yankees?

I disagree with him on A-Rod and Cashman most of the time but Steve Lombardi finds everything about the Yankees or baseball in general. He pointed out this post on Tom Tango's site:


50 runs is rougly 5 wins just from defense. I was shocked when I read this but if it is how much is Jeter really costing the Yankees on defense. How much of a difference would Alberto Gonzalez make if he could just be average at the plate? Now, Jeter`s bat wouldn't dissapear either. He could move to first base where he would be a huge improvement over whatever we have there. It wouldn't surprise me if Jeter could play a good first base either.

Jeter will probably have to be moved eventually in the next few years. He`s getting older and was never very good to begin with on defense. Girardi noticed his poor range up the middle in a YES broadcast. It won't be this year but maybe next year we might have Jeter at a different position.

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