Saturday, August 25, 2007

Going on Vacation until Thursday

I`m going to Lake George on vacation until Thursday so I won't get a chance to post here. Last night's game was to late for me, what an awful loss. They really need to call up Chris Britton. This game also shows why Chamberlain should remain a starter. His pitching one inning can't have as much impact as what Clemens did for better or for worse. A reliever can't decide a games outcome as much as a starter and I`d rather have a great starter every 5th day then an amazing reliever every other day. Also, Mussina is definitely on thin ice. The Yankees are slowly falling behind in the race and they can't afford to be giving up 6 or 7 runs every time Mussina pitches. I like the idea of Kennedy coming up to replace him. He won't need to pitch in the playoffs even if we make it there and we might need him in the majors next year.

The Fourth Best Yankees Prospect Poll is finished. Jose Tabata won. I expected him to go earlier (3rd) but this is good to. His lack of power this season has a lot to do with his wrist injury. Brackman might need TJ surgery so I don't think you can put him ahead of Tabata yet. I completely forgot about Dellin Bettances because I`m an idiot so I`ll add him. I`ll be voting for Bettances for this one.

See you Thursday

1) Hughes
2) Chamberlain
3) Kennedy
4) Tabata
5) ?

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