Monday, August 20, 2007

Wilson Betemit

Yanks won again yesterday taking three out of four from the Tigers. Wilson Betemit has been playing well and had a great day yesterday. Edwar Ramirez had a 2 IP save. Joba pitched the 7th. If they can come through AND Farnsworth can come through we have an unstoppable bullpen. Wang was solid but not great. Seeing the young guys that you`ve followed in the Yankees system for all year prove themselves on the ML team is great. Its a lot better than watching guys like Mike Myers desperately trying top get one guy out when you "know" that he won't do it. Anyway, with Joba throwing 98 and then Edwar coming in with his change that has be really annoying for batters. It doesn't matter as much when they`re in relief but when Joba's starting next year......

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