Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Karstens, Brower, Farnsworth, and Villone

These guys have no buisness being on a ML roster.

Karstens this year has an FIP of 7.30, a K/BB of 0.56, and a GB% of 29.8%. His BABIP is abnormally high but he has a 11.20 ERA. He`s not as bad as his ERA says he is but he`s still terrible. His stuff is terrible. He throws mid to high 80's with his fatball which he can't control. He has a nice curve but thats it. Send him back down and call up Edwar. Edwar definitely has the numbers and when given regular work in the majors can definitely get outs with that filthy changeup.

Brower isn't pitching well. I know I wanted him called up earlier but I was wrong on that. His stuff isn't good enough for him to pitch in the ML's with success. Britton did very well with Baltimore last year. He deserves a call up.

Villone actually has a solid K/BB of 1.83 but his GB% is a terrible 35.8%. He also has a low HR/FB%. Kyle Farnsworth has a much worse K/BB of 1.36. His GB% is 29.9%. I wouldn't mind seeing at least one of them replaced especially Farnsworth if somebody would take him.

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