Saturday, August 11, 2007


Yesterday we had a glimpse of the future with Joba and Hughes. Hughes started the game pitching 6 innings, giving up only a solo homer. He struck out 6 and walked only 1. Next came Joba. He pitched two shutout innings striking out 4 and walking nobody. He actually threw only 21 pitches. In the 9th Rivera came in to get some work in and worked a perfect inning with a SO. Unbelievable, when was the last time the Yankees had a complete game using completely homegrown players? I know the idea of using Chamberlain in relief permanently is becoming popular but its not worth it. He can throw mid to high 90's into the 7th or 8th inning as a starter with what looks like no effort. A-Rod had a HR to dead center to get the Yankees on the board. Abreu also had a good night with two RBI's. I`m beginning to think maybe we should resign him to a 1-2 year deal. Mattingly also did pretty well as manager.

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