Friday, August 31, 2007

Fifth best Yankees prospect poll

We finished the poll for the 5th best Yankees prospect. Dellin Bettances won with three votes. Carmen Angelini also got one vote. Andrew Brackman got none. I voted for Bettances. He`s still very raw but he has great potential. If we don't get more votes for the next poll then I`m going to end this series of polls but I`d like to get to at least ten. I`ll take Andrew Brackman off as an option because he`s getting TJ surgery. I`ll add Austin Jackson, Alan Horne, Juan Miranda, Ross Ohlendorf, and Kevin Whelan. Also consider that Alan Horne is 25. I think I`m going to vote for Carmen Angelini.

1 Phillip Hughes
2 Joba Chamberlain
3 Ian Kennedy
4 Jose Tabata
5 Dellin Bettances
6 ?

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