Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ian Kennedy's Debut

0.Great win today. Seattle lost again so now the Yankees are 2 games up and its starting to look like its going to be the Yankees or Detroit for the Wild Card. That bat thing with Torre was actually a smart move. I bet he was just trying to give Kennedy a breather. Maddon just did it to A-Rod to get back at him according to pete Abraham. I love the irony in that he immediately got a hit and later on a double with the new bat. Throw in that HR and I think we can forgive him for that error.

Kennedy had a great debut. Seven innings of one run ball. He pretty much followed the scouting report on him. He`s not afraid to throw strikes and doesn't nibble like Mussina. If he can pitch well down the stretch he`s just another weapon. A-Rod's error actually cost him about 15 pitches. If it wasn't for that he might have gone 8 innings or maybe even pitched a complete game. Still, remember he`s not Hughes or Chamberlain. I think he has a future as a solidly above average pitcher (low 4's ERA) who can eat up innings and their's nothing wrong with that and he might prove me and everyone else wrong and be the next Mike Mussina but he`s probably not a future ace like Chamberlain or Hughes. Anyway, players like that are still very valuable but he`s not in the same category as Chamberlain or Hughes.

Joe Torre's bullpen mismanagement continued today. He used Luis Vizcaino with a 6 run lead. He`s been insanely overworked and is probably the Yankees 3rd best reliever. He should only be used in close games. Also, when it was clear Vizcaino did not have it today what happened? Instead of bringing in Edwar or someone else and at least trying to end the inning he just let Vizcaino keep giving up hits. Finally after Vizcaino had given up 3 runs and gotten only 2 outs he brought in Rivera. With a runner on second Rivera ended the inning and K'ed the side in the 9th for the save. Torre can't manage. The Yankees have gotten rid of his crutches like Proctor and Cairo but it still continued. Only Joba Chamberlain has earned a real chance to prove himself of the guys they called up to help out the bullpen. Torre is hurting this team.

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