Saturday, October 13, 2007

Preferred Coaching Staff

The biggest topic of debate among Yankees fans lately has been what the coaching staff should look like. I already made a post on the manager situation and pitching coach but I haven't mentioned the other spots at all.

Manager- Joe Torre

I`ve already explained my opinion on this one. Torre is respected by his players more than any other manager in the game is. He is a terrible tactician and is reluctant to make changes and try new things but overall he`s a good manager. Besides, those things can be helped by having a good bench coach.

Bench Coach- Joe Kerrigan

You probably think I`m cray after reading that but hear me out. Joe has managerial experience (very little and it was pretty bad) and might be more willing to speak out and suggest things to Torre. He knows his pitchers and will help Torre's bullpen mangement. Give Mattingly the AAA manager job or something like that so he can get some experience as a manager. Then when Torre's done Mattingly can have the manager job.

Hitting Coach- Kevin Long

I see nothing wrong with him here. He reportedly helped A-Rod a ton the past year and was called "the best kep secret in baseball." Despite the offenses collapse in the playoffs they were the best for the regular season. As far as I can tell he`s done a good job and I don't know who would replace him anyway.

Pitching Coach- Ron Guidry

I`m torn on this one between Leo Mazzone and Ron Guidry. If you ask me again in a hour I could easily say Mazzone. Mazzone was awesome for the Braves but after he left Smoltz, Maddux , and Glavine didn't really suffer a big dropoff. Last year the Orioles had terrible pitching as well outside of Eric Bedard. I think Mazzone is more of a product of his players than anything else. Supposedly Mazzone is also better with a veteran staff and its possible we could have three rookies, plus Wang in the rotation. All year we`ve heard stories about Guidry helping out, especially Wang with his slider which has helped him get a few more K's. Not to mention the PR aspect of firing a legend like Guidry who is generally considered the second best Yankees pitcher ever (though I disagree with that). I think we`re better off with Guidry but i won't be to upset if they sign Mazzone.

1B Coach- Tony Pena

Remember all the stories about him helping Posada two years ago? Well that definitely paid off. In 2006 he had an improved season and the last year he was unbelievable. The 1B coach doesn't really do much but supposedly he gets to the ballpark early every day and works with the players. I don't really know what else you want from him.

3B Coach- Larry Bowa

Maybe I`m wrong here but I don't really remember to many bad baserunning moves by the Yankees the past year. Bowa`s done a pretty good job and according to the reports, he works hard with the players to. He`s done a good job.

Bullpen Coach- Dave Eiland

When he came up this season to help Hughes he definitely helped a lot. Look at his performance before and after. He knows some of the young guys on the team like Kennedy, Joba, and Hughes. Not to mention Edwar, Ohlendorf, and anybody else who could be in the bullpen next year. If something is wrong with them he`ll spot it right away and help. Just the way he helped Hughes could make all the difference.


james said...

Cant offer an opion on Vic Rashi and Allie Reynolds but the pitchers on the Yankees in the past 50 years
1 Rivera
2 Ford
3 Guidry

Mike NYY said...

Forgot about Rivera

Personally I have Guidry also behind Lefty Gomez and maybe Jack Chesbro as well