Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What Now? The Lineup

Its time to rebuild this team and start over. It stinks to do this in the last year of the new stadium but a new era must begin. Year after year the Yankees have built teams just good enough to get into the playoffs but not built for playoff success. If the Yankees do as expected and bring back Rivera and Posada, add a few relievers, and find a third baseman somewhere they will be in same spot as usual. Just barely good enough to get in but not good enough to win it. This team might not even be good enough to get in either. I think its time to blow things up and make some radical changes.

The offense loses the best third baseman in history having the best season a third baseman's ever had and most of the rest of the offense is on the wrong side of 30 and will be declining. Sorry optimistic Yankees fans, but losing A-Rod IS a crippling blow.

If I where the Yankees GM I`d pick up Abreu's option and trade him. He`s 34 and has an option for 16 million per year which is to much. Plus their are rumors about him being in the coming Mitchell Report. Pick up some of his contract and maybe you can put him in a package for something decent.

Damon also has a big contract, is aging, and had an off-year last year. He can't run as well anymore and that's a big part of his value. He`s losing things pretty fast and while he could bounce back its not worth the risk of hanging on to him for another 3 years. Same deal with Abreu. Send him and Abreu to another team and maybe you can get a solid young third or first baseman.

Though many are calling for Giambi to be traded I think that its to late. We won't get anything for him at all and his contract is almost done. A 22 million dollar contract plus another 5 million dollar buyout for Giambi is the definition of untradeable. I don't think he`ll do anything but if we get rid of him we get nothing in return and pay most of his contract anyway. If they hang onto him and have him DH then their`s a chance he`ll be the slugging but streaky Giambi we say in 2006 and 2005 and provide the Yankees with the feared home run hitter they`re missing with A-Rod. They have nothing to gain by trading him and might get something out keeping him for just one more year.

I`d listen to offers about Kyle Farnsworth but not trade be searching to dump him on somebody. He`s got great stuff and with another pitching coach and manager maybe he could be helped. We have nothing to gain from trading him and they can keep him around for one more year. If somebody wants him then fine but don't give him away to save money. He`s just around for one more year.

I`d like to trade Damon in a package for Santana I will elaborate on in my post about the starting pitching.

I`d like to trade Abreu. It won't happen but I`d still like to see it happen. Kelly Johnson of the Braves would be perfect to push Cano to third. The Braves could use a good hitter like Abreu and plus it would annoy the Mets. Abreu+Whelan+Clippard+Money for Johnson?

Right-field we should just look within for next year. See what Duncan and Garnder can do. Maybe Austin Jackson can more fast and do something in the majors.

Proposed Lineup:

1) Derek Jeter (SS)
2) Kelly Johnson (2B)
3) Hideki Matsui (LF)
4) Jorge Posada (C)
5) Robinson Cano (2B)
6) Jason Giambi (DH)
7) Melky Cabrera (CF)
8) Bret Gardner/Shelley Duncan/Austin Jackson
9) Wilson Betemit/Andy Phillips/Shelley Duncan

This offense will be a lot worse than last year's it won't lead the league and could be just about average but we're rebuilding and starting over. This offense can hold us over for the rich FA crop of 2008-2009 and give top prospects like Tabata, Montero, and Jackson another year to get ready. 2009 will be another great offensive year and Hughes and Chamberlain will have already seen the ML's for a full year.

Coming Next, the Starting Pitching

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