Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A-Rod Watch

I made a post earlier in the season about A-Rod's value to the Yankees. Going back to it its actually kind of rambling and nonsensical. Basically, I believe Alex is worth 30 million dollars per year easily. He`s worth it with his performance for the next few years and as the contract closes out he will be chasing huge milestones and records. Not to mention the fact that FA expenses are constantly going up anyway. Cashman has stated that they will not pursue him if he opts out and I don't think he`s bluffing. George has also stated that he thinks they will resign A-Rod. I believe the Yankees will give him an extension for about 4 more years of about 30 million per year. They can't afford to let him go. A-Rod seems to finally be comfortable in New York and I think he`ll take this kind of deal. The only other team I`m afraid A-Rod will go to is the Giants.

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