Saturday, October 6, 2007

Worst Game

The Yankees NEEDED this game. They had it to. They had exactly what they wanted. A 1-0 lead in the 8th with Joba pitching. Of course what happens? A swarm of bugs attacks him. Call me crazy but that could not have helped his control which suddenly became Farnsworth esque that inning. I think Torre also should have put in Rivera after the 1st wild pitch. Pettitte pitched beautifully, Joba was great in the 7th and did as well as he could in the 8th, Rivera was untouchable, and only to have Vizcaino blow it in the end. The bullpen has no depth. Its Rivera and Joba and then just hope the game is over by then. The Yankees have a terrible record in extra inning games this year and its no coincedence. Vizcaino is the 3rd best guy out there and he`s not even that good. The offense was terrible. They did nothing all game. If they had won they would be going back to New York with probably two games they had the pitching advantage in but now they go back desperate and down 2-0. Clemens goes tomorrow tonight and it could be his last start ever. I think they`ll win tomorrow but I said the same thing about yesterday`s game. I hope we see Matsui sit. A-Rod's hitless streak is continung and is getting to the point where its ridiculous. If he doesn't start hitting or if the Yankees go one and out I`m afraid he`ll leave.

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