Friday, April 11, 2008

Bounce back win for Pettitte


Yankees- 6
Royals- 1

Andy Pettitte's performance was the key to this game. He had a bad first inning but then settled down to make a good start. Joba and Rivera finished off the game. The offense also came alive. Melky, A-Rod, and Posada all had homers. The Posada homer was expecially important since it seems that he`ll be okay. The guys at RAB brought up the point that maybe the Yankees should ride Molina's hot bat and have him start at catcher while Posada plays first. Its an idea worth considering. I don't see how Posada could be a worse defender at first than Duncan, Molina's an improvement over Posada, and Molina got as good a shot of having a fluke year as Duncan.

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