Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yanks got killed


Rays- 13

Yankees- 4

Ian Kennedy really struggled in this game and the bullpen was if anything, even worse. What killed Kennedy was his lack of control which is his best weapon really. He walked for and K'ed only 2. He gave up 4 runs in less than 3 innings. Kennedy can't pitch like that if the Yankees are going to make the playoffs this year. Hawkins and Farnsworth also did very poorly. Again, those are guys that need to do well this year. On the bright side we saw Billy Traber do well again, this time in a full inning. Ross Ohlendorf also pitched a shutout inning. However, nobody did better than Jonathan Albaladejo. He pitched almost 3 innings and gave up only one hit, walking none, and struck out 3. They`re going to find a few good guys out all these young reliever they have and hopefully they can push Farnsworth out of his spot if he can't improve.

The offense actually had a pretty good game. They had a big 3rd inning where they scored all four runs. Giambi finally got his first hit in a long double to left-field. No, that is not a typo. Jeter also got a triple. However, other than that their wasn't really to much to note from this game on either sides of the ball. All in all it was a bad game they can hopefully forget about. On the bright side I`m going to the game today!

EDIT: I almost forgot but its worth mentioning that Girardi missed the game because he was sick. Also Posada made his return to the lineup as the DH.

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