Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Quick One


Yankees- 6
White Sox- 4

I have a little bit of time here but I`ll have to make this a quick one. Mussina started and shockingly, actually gave a good start. His control was perfect. He gave up 2 runs in 7 innings. He K'ed three and walked only one. Billy Traber and Latroy Hawkins weren`t very good though. Traber gave up a hit to the one batter he faced. Latroy Hawkins continued his struggles and almost gave up the game. He gave up 2 runs in less than an inning. Rivera had to come in for the 8th and the 9th and he shut them down. Melky drove in Robinson Cano as the first run of the game but after him Damon struck out with the bases loaded. Posada drove in the next two with a double. Posada had a great day. He also had 4 hits in 5 at bats. Damon and Jeter drove in the remaining runs later on. Ultimately, the offense scored 6 and had a good enough day to pick up the middle relief.

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