Sunday, April 20, 2008


Just a few more notes from the past the few days to catch up on.

Joba`s back and his father has recovered. Thank god for that. I also liked Girardi's decision to use Posada at first. First base really doesn't rquire any defensive skills at all. Giambi's bat is also worthless, he still can't hit the ball the other way and can't even hit for power anymore. I`m not ready to completely cut him but they should definitely be minimizing his role. The other first base options really aren't anything to brag about anyway. Jose Molina`s playing great and has always been brilliant defensively. So why not fill the first base void and save Posada's arm at the same time. I hope it isn't a sign that Posada's injury is worse than we thought, though. Farnsworth got suspended but I`m not to upset. I don't think he deserved it, he has no control over his pitches anyway. However, Farnsworth is really no loss worth getting upset over.

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