Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rain Delays=Bad


Red Sox- 4

This was a close game and early on it looked like a pitcher`s duel. Josh Beckett was virtually unhittable and Mussina was sliding by somehow. Manny Ramirez eventually got a homer to put Boston up by one. In the 6th the Yanks scored two to get on top. Jose Molina and Alberto Gonzalez both got hits to start it off. Johnny Damon followed that up with a sacrifice bunt. Both tagged up on a sac fly then and Gonzalez scored on a wild pitch. Molina and Gonzalez are really showing they deserve spots on the team. However, in the bottom half of the inning Boston got back on top. Again, Manny Ramirez was in the middle of it. He had a two RBI double and then scored on a Kevin Youkillis hit. I would have walked Ramirez there (1st base was open) and in the end it came back to hurt them (though the decision really good have gone either way). This inning really tainted a good start by Mussina. The Yanks got another run on a Robinson Cano double but it wasn't enough. They got 1st and second with two outs with A-Rod up but there was a rain delay for over an hour. A-Rod then struck out.

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