Friday, November 2, 2007

Catching Up

I`ve been busy and haven't been able to keep up with the flurry of news lately.

First of all congratulations to Joe Torre on his job with the Dodgers. He showed everybody it really wasn't about the money after all and he wanted job security. I usually root against that team that stole the Dodgers from Brooklyn and committed the greatest crime against baseball ever (even more than anything Victor Conte ever did) but I think I`ll have to root for them now.

I`m happy with the Girardi hiring. Its whether they`re rebuilding or retooling he`s the right guy for the job. 7 million for 3 years seems pretty reasonable to. It tells me they really would have rather had Girardi then Torre to. I`ve heard a lot of talk about Girardi's poor handling of the starting pitching staff. Almost the entire Marlins staff got injured this year. I think that Eiland knows these young pitchers though and won't let them be overworked. Cash won't let anything happen to Hughes and Joba's arm either. Remember, both are still on innings limits because last year was Joba's first full year and Hughes missed time because of his injury.

Bobby Abreu's option was picked up today and from what Cash said today its obvious they don't plan on trading him. On the bright side it makes sure don't have to watch Damon's wet noodle arm in RF but they`re probably not going to rebuild now. Its not terrible news, he`ll just be a stop-gap for some of the OF prospects but its not the direction I would have gone.

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