Monday, November 12, 2007

Ben Sheets Trade?

Ken Davidoff reports that Ben Sheets could be available. The Yankees should be interested. Right now it looks like Pettitte's gone and we need somebody to replace him. Yes, Sheets is an injury risk and is coming from the National League but the Yanks have depth. It wouldn't be to hard to get him. Unlike Santana, he could probably be acquired without them giving up any of the The Big Three.

The Brewers need relief help. Could they be interested in Farnsworth? He was great in the National League as a closer and a change of scenery could help him. The Brewers could also use some help in the outfield. Would they be interested in having Johnny Damon play center or left for them?

Johnny Damon+Kyle Farnsworth+20 million dollars for Ben Sheets?

Sheets is a potential ace even considering he is coming from the National League. It`s be a great idea to trade for him.

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Daniel said...


Didn't Kyle F. get booted to the Tigers last year? The Yankees can't trade someone that isn't on the team.