Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Welcome Home Alex

Wow, what an unbelievable few days for A-Rod and the Yankees. However, looking back on what he`s done throughout his entire career with the Yankees it seems only fitting. During his time with the Yankees he has dominated the headlines like no other player. For the past year RLYW actually counted the amount of times Alex made the back page (129 and its sure to shoot up tomorrow). Baseball Fever made a thread completely dedicated to A-Rod for the past season. All throught it, however, he`s been the best player on the team and two of the past three years he`s been the best player in baseball.

Lookat what he`s done and tell me the Yankees would have even been in the playoffs in 2005 or 2007 with even the second best 3rd baseman in the league. Yeah, he`s made a ton of money doing it but he`s done everything imaginable for a baseball player to do to earn it and I`m happy to have him back. Did he come back because he loved New York or because he couldn't get a better deal elsewhere? I don't know but if he was out for more money wouldn't it have made sense to at least wait a little while longer?

Alex was the one that made me a Yankees fan almost singlehandedly in 2004 against the Twins. Step back and look at what he`s done. Three MVP's, over 500 HR's, .300 career BA, if he retired today he`d be going into the Hall of Fame. The past year he didn't let controversy or pressure bother him. When the fans booed him on Opening Day he had a historic April that nobody will forget. When criticized for distracting the 3rd baseman for Toronto he just kept going.

He`s going to make a run at Bonds' home run record and we`ll be there to watch it. Hoepfully, he can also win a championship

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