Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Twins demands:

According to Jon Heyman the Twins have asked the Yankees for one of the trio, Melky, and another prospect. Lets say that prospect is Austin Jackson.

If the one of the trio is Kennedy than as much as I`m reluctant to I have to say yes. I`m reluctant because I`d like to see Melky stay with the Yankees. However, if the Melky is the thing stopping the deal from getting done you have to trade him.

If its Hughes or Joba than I wouldn't do it. They`re both solid pitchers right now and have the potential to be great. They`re also cheap. Melky is on a great pace and to be an above average center fielder for the Yankees as young as he is is a great accomplishment. Austin Jackson also has great potential.

Please Cash, don't let everything you`ve built get away for just one player, no matter how good he is.

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