Thursday, November 22, 2007

What Next? The Bullpen

I happened to look on the depth charts and realizing I still had to do the bullpen for this series of posts I looked over there. Since the Rivera deal has not been finalized and announced yet our closer is Krazy Kyle Frickin Farnsworth. Could you imagine that? That is why they are overpaying for Rivera. Thankfully, it looks like Rivera will be coming back. Still, the bullpen will be relying heavily on rookies like Edwar Ramirez, Ross Ohlendorf and Chris Britton. They`re going to need other help.Theirs been a million rumors about different potential FA signings.

The Yankees have been called the front-runners to sign Ron Mahay to a 2 year 5-7 million dollar deal. I don't like Mahay because of his weak K/BB and not very good GB%. He got lucky and looks great. Kei Igawa, Sean Henn, or Ron Villone could all do the same thing. He`s just a waste of money.

Scott Linebrink has also been rumored. He`s a good reliever and would definitely help solidify this bullpen but he`s a type A free agent and do you really want to give up your first round draft pick for Scott Linebrink? Anyway, Linebrink was signed by the White Sox.

Luis Vizcaino is also a free agent and did a pretty decent job last year despite filling Scott Proctor's role in Joe Torre's bullpen. With a new manager he could improve if the damage isn't already done.

The Yankees were mentioned as one of 8-10 teams interested in Troy Percival who did an excellent job with St. Louis. His 3.60 K/BB is very good and overcomes his poor GB% which most relievers have anyway. He almost retired last year and would probably only want a one year contract. I`m not sure but I don't think he is a type A free agent. The rankings are suppsoedly based on the past 3 years and his 2006 was so bad he probably wouldn't be type A. He`d be the perfect setup man for Rivera.

Actually theirs a guy who might be available that would be even more perfect than Percival. Bobby Jenks could be available for Melky+ or Damon+. He was an awesome closer for Chicago and even if he drops off (which he probably will do) he`d be an amazing setup man. I`d hang on to Melky but Damon would definitely be availabe if I was in charge of the Yanks. Linebrink's signing adds depth to Chicago's bullpen and Tori Hunter's signing takes away the obvious solution to their CF problem.

Here's my dream scenario. Sign Percival for whatever it takes, trade Damon, cash, and Clippard to Chicago for Jenks, bring back Vizcaino, finalize the Rivera deal, give Britton a spot, and then have an open competition in Spring Training for the last MR spot. I`d consider Edwar Ramirez, Ben Kozlowski, and Scott Patterson for the last MR spot. Sean Henn and Igawa can compete for the LOOGY role and can also be the long man. I don't include Cox or Xanchez because they won't be back in time for Spring Training probably but should be a likely call up.

CL Rivera
SU Jenks
SU Percival
MR Vizcaino
MR Britton
MR Ramirez/Patterson/Kozlowski
LOOGY/LM Igawa/Henn

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