Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Big News Day

After a few days of nothing a lot has happened today.

  • Fukudome was signed by the Cubs for 4 years and 48 million dollars. Obviously that puts an end to my idea of trading Matsui and having him fill Matsui's role. That's a pretty solid deal for the Cubs and he should help them a lot.
  • Aaron Rowand has been signed by the Giants for a five year deal but for somew weird reason the Giants don't give out money amounts. Odds are they overpaid. Rowand had a career year at just the right time. He`s only had one other season like last years and he`s getting older. He`s injury prone and I`m happy the Yankees won't be wasting any money on him.
  • How does the Rowand deal affect a potential Matsui trade? The Giants still need a left-fielder and even Brian Sabean isn't deluded enough to think Aaron Rowand can replace Barry Bonds.
  • Miguel Tejada was traded to the Astros for five players. Great, he always killed the Yankees and I`m glad to see him go.
  • Wang also wants a long-term contract extension.

Well that's it for now. The free agent market is now barren and with Santana seemingly staying put for the moment the hot stove league has cooled down.

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