Saturday, December 1, 2007

Trading away the Franchise

It looks like the Yankees are going to be willing to deal Hughes for Santana. Not only Hughes but also Melky and another top prospect (probably Austin Jackson).

In Hughes we have the best pitching prospect in baseball who had two freak injuries and came back strong. He was getting back his fastball towards the end of the year thanks to Dave Eiland. His curve is Zito-esque. He`s still the Franchise and future of the Yankees. I fully expect him to pitch very well next year, not as good as Santana but very well. He`s above where Santana was at this age to.

Melky is above the pace of where many stars were at his age. He helps loosen up the team and appears to be especially good friends with Cano and Alex. He`s not a very good hitter but if he regains his plate disciplince he had in 2006 he could become very good. His defense has saved countless runs. You want more of Damon in center? Nah, lets sign Aaron Rowand instead.

Then we`ll probably have to give up another good prospect, Jose Tabata, Austin Jackson, or Alan Horne. Jackson would be the one expected to take Melky's role eventually.If they go with Melky then who's our future center fielder? Tabata has had some injury problems but that also explains his lack of power. He`s incredibly young and has hit for a very high average. He has the potential to be a star if he can stop the injuries. Horne has been called better than Kennedy in some place and "has stuff just a tick below Joba's."

Santana's an ace, he`s left-handed, and it prevents him from going to the Red Sox but is he worth all this talent? Especially when Hughes could eventually be just as good as him? He`s on the way down and Hughes is on the way up. I don't think the decline will be as rapid as some people think but they`ll probably meet in a few years. Sure, Hughes could be a bust but their is absolutely nothing to suggest that he won't be a future #1 ace, best pitcher in baseball. If the Yankees do this deal they really are trading away the future, and the Franchise.


Yankee fan in Virginia said...

Just stop - Hughes is no more the franchise than Pettit was or Clemens was for Boston or Martinez was for Boston

There has to be a team and for the Yankees one that is capable of winning the East against Boston or the Wild Card against the rest of the league, and do well in the playoffs. The offense is aging. In 5 Years Hughes might have the same impact as Santana - but this offense won't be on the field when he does - if he does. Santana is the best option for the next 3- 5 years. He leverages the offense. Haren and Bedard are better choices than IPK and maybe Joba as well. Go get one of them too if we can. CF can be covered by Damon, Gardner and Jackson if they keep him out of the trade. Jones makes sense - Rowand is a not good enough. Melky is never gonna be a front line player - he is average and that is all -- which is terric for a ball player but no reason to rue the deal. As defense players Gradner is better. As an offensive player Gardner is going to be better. We can drop some of the love lost on Hughes and Melky on Gardner.

Paul O'Neil came from Reds - he is a beloved Yankee -- you don't have to come up through the Yankee system to be special - you have to play like a Yankee. If Santan does not have that character than i don't wnay him -- but drop the franchise stuff - you didn't draft him or find him or raise him

Mike NYY said...

Ansd those guys didn't help their teams?

Gardner as good as Melky? Can somebody please explain why they expect every other center-fielder in the system to get better but Melky will never be better than the way he is.

5 years from now is a bit longder then I think it will take for Hughes and Santana to meet. Santana is declining and Hughes is only getting better. They could meet in 2-3 years from now.

The offense for the Yankees will always be good because they have the money to outspend other teams for offensive free agents. Tabata and Jackson could be great hitters. Melky I still say is only going to get better. A-Rod should still have a few more great years and will have another few productive year. Mark Texiera is a free agent soon. Cano is already a fantastic player asnd is only 24. The offense may decline but its still going to be great

THanks for commenting