Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Santana Deadline Comes and Goes

The deadline for a Santana deal came and went and Santana is still a Twin. ESPNews just said they`re still talking but Jon Heyman has said they are ending trade talks. The Twins have backed off Kennedy but they are still disagreeing on the third player. I still believe they could have Dan Haren or Eric Bedard without giving up Hughes and should pursue them instead. How dumb can the Twins be? Why don't they just take Melky, Hughes, and Gonzalez? They really don't need another prospect and the Yankees have a better offer than Boston. If they`d rather take Taco boy, an Alan Horne esque pitching prospect, and Lowrie instead of the best pitching prospect in baseball and a ML ready center fielder who's 23 fine with me.

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