Saturday, December 8, 2007

Little Things

A few bits of new and notes today but n0othing major

  • Vizcaino is done with the Yankees. Supposedly they`re showing no interest in him at all. Fine with me. They offered arbitration so if any other team signs him the Yankees will get a draft pick. He was mediocore last year with good stretches and terrible stretches. He`s no big loss.
  • The Mitchell Report could come out by Thursday. Chance of any big Red Sox players being on the list, 0%.
  • Andy could pitch in 2009. Lets wait and see how he does in 2008 first.
  • The Shelley Duncan blood clot was a serious thing.However, he`s recovered now. Thank god.
  • The Yankees are rumoured to be interested in Kazuo Fukumori. I don't get it looking at his age and his numbers.

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