Friday, December 14, 2007


I`ve thought about the Mitchell report for a bit now and I really think its lacking in evidence in many areas. I can't blame Mitchell for this and I think it was right for us to have it open to the public. However, the media has really taken things and put them out of context. Headlines like "Pettitte, Clemens in Mitchell report" or pictures of every one of the player's who's names were mentioned on the back page of a certain Long Island newspaper looks good. However, its not that accurate.

Its not a double standard I`m putting with Bonds and Clemens. I`m not a racist. The fact is they wrote an entire book about Bonds' steroid use and all they have to go for Clemens is the word of a criminal. Pettitte, same deal, and even if they`re being honest he used them for less than one year. The fact is they`re is very little evidence to back the claim that Pettitte and Clemens used steroids up.

Jose Canseco said he was surprised that A-Rod wasn't in the report. I say shut up and go away. If you think A-Rod used steroids just say so and tell us why. Don't drop these annoying hints and then don't back them up.

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