Thursday, December 6, 2007

Catch Up

I didn't manage to get on a computer yesterday so I have to do some catching up.

First of all the Twins offered Santana for Hughes, Melky, Hilligross, and Marquez. I`m shocked Cash turned that one down but I think he made the right move. Hughes is an above average pitcher right now in my opinion and should only get better. He has electric stuff, pinpoint control, and his injuries have no sign of reoccuring. Melky is an above average center fielder at age 23. I don't understand the people who say he`ll never get any better. If nothing else this shows that Cashman has not lost any power at all in the organization. Or this could just be a false report.

Second, one reason the deal was not done according to Bill Madden was the Yankees payroll. Their is a limit to what they can spend. As a free agent Santana would be worth that but also giving up all the prospects? Its not worth it.

Third, we`ve gone from hearing that Santana very well may not move at all to hearing their are teams other than the Red Sox in the mix. If Santana stays with the Twins he`ll probably leave in the off-season and with the Yankees losing a few bad/big contracts next year (Giambi, Pavano, Mussina, Abreu, and Farnsworth). All of these guys should be replaced with cheap players. If Santana goes to a team other than Boston that's even better.

Here's the Boston and New York rotation with no trades. That`s pretty close and the Yankees might have the upper hand if Hughes has a good year.

1) Wang-----------------1) Beckett
2) Pettitte---------------2) Schilling
3) Hughes---------------3) Matsuzaka
4) Chamberlain--------4) Wakefield
5) Mussina/Kennedy---5) Lester/Bucholz

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