Thursday, July 31, 2008

And Thats It....

And now finally the trade deadline is over. Later on I will have a post on the entire trade deadline. However, I`m just writing about what went on today for now. I`ll make

Cashman didn't make any big moves today. He made only the small move of Alberto Gonzalez for Jhonny Nunez. Nunez is a pitcher. He has a high ERA but he had an incredible K/BB last year. He`s in A ball. Gonzalez had no future with the Yankees. I`d compare this to the Latroy Hawkins trade.

What is possibly more interesting is what didn't happen. They didn't get another left-handed reliever as was mentioned, they didn't dump Pavano, and they didn't trade for another pitcher.

I didn't really see a need for a left-handed reliever so I don't particularly care about this.

Pavano I was hoping would be dumped on someone. However, he could easily clear waivers. Also, its possible the interested teams wanted the Yankees to pay his salary which defeats the purpose of the trade.

The lack of a pitcher has been covered pretty widely. They went after Washburn but the M's were insane in their demands. However, talks are continuing and Washburn could very easily clear waivers. Cashman did a good job here in not panicking and yet leaving the door open. However, we still need a starter. Ponson just won't do it. Immediately available is Kennedy and Aceves. I`ll also have a post on this area later. Maybe today during or after the game. Maybe not.

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