Saturday, July 26, 2008

Do we still need Washburn?

Earlier I suggested trading Kennedy for Nady and Marte. Than I wanted to trade for Washburn. We got the two of them without giving up Kennedy. Do we still need Jarrod Washburn or should we just go with Kennedy?

Washburn is really not a very good pitcher. However, he`s reliably mediocore. He`s also suffered from a fairly high BABIP. He`s probably a safer bet to go out and give you 5 or 6 solid innings than Kennedy or anyone else the Yankees have right now. He`s also a lefty which means he might be helped by a move to Yankee Stadium (not sure what Seattle is like). The only problem is if you trade for him you`re stuck with him for next year to. If you want you can roll the dice with Kennedy but if he struggles like he did earlier in the year they`re going to be in trouble. This is why I wanted Ponson replaced earlier, to see if Kennedy could handle the majors yet or not.

Although you can't be sure I don't think Kennedy will do well. He was terrible earlier in the year and not much has changed since then. A closer look at his stats from last September show that he was more lucky than good then as well.

I think it would be a good idea to trade for Washburn after all. However, I would be very hesitant to give up anything. Again, although he`s rarely great he is almost always at least okay. He`ll keep the Yankees in games. They can figure out what to do with him in the off-season and you can never have to much pitching.

The Yankees made an offer of Igawa and Melky for Washburn and Mariner aren't interested in either player. Apparently Christian and Gardner are being discussed. What about Christian and Coke for Washburn?

Then you can replace Ponson with Washburn as soon as he blows up against Boston on Sunday ;)

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