Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I`m Back!

Yeah, I told you I might be able to return and now I have. I`m going to try to get back to writing game recaps for each game the Yankees play. Also I plan on writing something evaluating the Yankees year so far.

Before the blog closed I had a few ideas I was considering and I want to try one or two of them. Barring a huge shift in your opinions I`m not going to bring in a Red Sox blogger to write about their teams after all. However, I definitely want to try and get some more writers and if that happens then I might be able to start writing more about the minors. If anybody out there is interested in writing about either the majors or minors in any capacity please just post your idea and email in the comments sections. If you have any ideas please post in the comments section. And I`d appreciate some feedback on these three new ideas I`ve had or any ones that people have in the comments section.

Hopefully I`ll be back permanently this time. :D

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