Sunday, July 20, 2008


I went away over the weekend so I`ve missed a bit. First of all, hours after I finished my excessively long post on the Yankees problems they signed Richie Sexson like I suggested and its already working out. They also got a sweep against the A's.

The first game consisted of good hitting as well as good pitching and was a good way to start the second half. Mussina has been amazing and for him to come back from last September and the start of this year to become the Yankees ace has been key to keeping the Yankees afloat.

The second game continued the great pitching but the offense stranded an unbelievable amount of guys on base. Joba has also been incredible and so far has lived up to the hype. Often forgoten though is the bullpen. From the 7th to the 12th they gave up only 2 runs showing the bullpen is deep beyond just Rivera.

Today's game was very similar to the second game. Pettitte has quietly also had a very good year and today he delivered with 8 innings only giving up 1 run. Rivera of course closed it out. However, the offense was again terrible.

Right now the Yankees are in a very good place. The Yankees are only 4.5 behind the Rays for the division and 3.5 behind Boston for the wild card (also behind the Twins). Damon is coming back very soon. If a Sexson/Betemit plattoon can work out at DH and the rest of the team starts hitting then a comeback may be possible. However, they need to start hitting with men on base. Rasner let alone Ponson won't be able to win with such little run support.

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