Friday, July 25, 2008

Trade Rumors

For some reason every 5 minutes I go on MLB trade rumors I see a new possible trade involving the Yankees and some outfielder. I adress each each of them in bullet form.
  • Apparently the Cano rumor is just a rumor. There's no truth to it. It also inspires the new "George King is an idiot" tag.
  • The Yankees are looking at Adam Dunn. Dunn can't field or run and he strikes out a ton but he`s an amazing hitter. I wonder if Bronson Arroyo would be in a potential deal. The only problem is that the Reds will probably want Jackson or Hughes who I doubt the Yankees are willing to trade.
  • Their is also some interest in Randy Winn. I like the idea of trading for him. He can play all the OF positions (although you`d rather avoid having him in CF) and is a better hitter than anyone else the Yankees have at DH. I think I might prefer getting him and moving Kennedy into the rotation may be preferable to my previous idea of trading for Nady and Washburn.

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