Thursday, July 31, 2008


For years we`ve been hearing about possible Manny Ramirez trades and for years we`ve seen Manny stay put and continue to kill the Yankees. However, this time Manny is gone for real if only temporarily.

This trade was died and revived in more forms than I can count. Only a few hours before the deadline it looked like Manny was staying put and Bay was headed to Tampa. Ultimately a three way deal between Pittsburgh, Boston, and Los Angeles got it done. The only aspect that is really important to us is what Boston did.

Boston Gains: Jason Bay

Boston Loses: Manny Ramirez, Craig Hansen, Brandon Moss, and cash

Personally, I think that its a lot closer between Bay and Manny at this point than most people do. However, Manny is still the better player. Boston is also paying part of Manny's contract so their is little salary relief. Considering Bay is under contract for 2009 as well I would probably say Boston would have the slight advantage if it was Bay for Manny straight up. However, its not. Hansen isn't a huge deal for Boston but he does still have potential. Brandon Moss is probably a better prospect at this point (I may be wrong I`m going on memory and I don't know Boston's farm that well). I think this makes it a bad trade for the Red Sox. I realize they had to make it after Manny's comments but this seems like a desperate move Boston made that they may come to regret later.

Another side of this deal is that Bay was previously rumored to be going to the Rays. With this trade we only have to deal with one of them in the division. I think this helps the Yankees although its not as big a deal as some people are making it out to be.

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