Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pavano and Schoenweiss

Apparently the Yankees are getting calls on Carl Pavano. Theirs a report that says the Mets are one team interested.

The Yankees are interested in Scott Schoenweiss as well. He may be replacing Farnsworth.

I say stay away Cash.I realize that Pavano is completely worthless. However, theirs better options in the bullpen. Besides, Pavano may be able to help if they fail to get another pitcher (yeah I said it). If they can get a guy like Washburn then fine dump Pavano on somebody. However, Schoenweiss would probably just be wasting a roster spot.

EDIT: I just changed my mind. Pavano has a 2 million dollar buyout after the year. So their actually is some salary relief to be had. Dump him on whatever sucker will take him. However, hopefully not Schoenweiss

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