Sunday, September 23, 2007


The Yanks beat Toronto again today. I went to my cousin's house for her birthday today. They have a lot of Mets fans in the family and they brought up a second TV to watch both the Mets and Yankees. It was fun. I got into the usual light argument with my uncle over Jeter-A-Rod. Moose did really well today and I`d be surprised to see anyone else as the 4th starter. This bullpen is really scary though. YES flashed a stat that said that Mariano and Joba have a combined ERA under 1.00 while the rest of the bullpen has an ERA of about 9.00. Some other players have to pull it together if they want to go far in the playoffs. The magic number is now down to three. By the way, Jose Molina has been a great pickup. Posada is having one of the best seasons in baseball and we can have a backup come in and barely suffer a big drop-off. I think that Posada should sit out a few games to prepare for the playoffs. Same with Joba. He`s been used a lot.

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