Friday, September 28, 2007

Joba Overworked?

Today Torre tried using Joba on back to back days in a meaningless game. He`s overworking Joba. Even with the rules he was pitching every other day. He`s not used to this type of workload.

Hughes was fantastic. I still think he`d be perfect for 1 or 2 innings out of the bullpen in the playoffs. Congrats to Bronson Sardinha and ALberto Gonzalez who got their first ML hits.

By the way, where are all those Mets fans saying it was a Mets town, the Yankees were old and done, and that the Mets would win the World Series? If the season ended today the Mets wouldn't be in the playoffs (they're tied with the Phillies who have the head to head advantage). I don't mind the Mets and sometimes even root for them to do will since I have some close relatives who are Mets fans but some of the Mets fans are really annoying.

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