Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hughes, Mussina, and Kennedy

With the Yankees looking to be well on their way to a win largely due to the performance of Mike Mussina I thought it would be a good idea to look at the Yankees potential playoff rotation.

Right now the Yanks have basically a 6 man rotation of Wang-Pettitte-Clemens-Hughes-Mussina-Kennedy. Clemens, Wang, and Pettitte all probably have spots but Kennedy, Hughes, and Mussina are all vying for a potential spot on the playoff roster and possibly a spot in the playoff rotation (I don't think they need a 4th starter until the ALCS). Keep in mind the following stats don't include Mussina's last start.

(FIP, GB%, K/BB, K/9, IP, HR/FB%, BABIP)
Hughes- 4.39, 37.1%, 1.92, 7.42, 60.2, 8.9%, .275
Mussina-4.21, 41.9%, 2.44, 5.28, 133, 8.4%, .340
Kennedy-3.73, 26.4%, 1.67, 7.11, 19, 3.7%, .237

If you don't really understand what any of this means please read my post on how I evaluate players


What you can see here is that Kennedy has been really really lucky. I think it comes down to Hughes and Mussina. Moose has the better K/BB and GB% but the worse K/9. You have to factor in experience as well and since Hughes has primarily been a 2 pitch pitcher since the injury I think he could be a good reliever. I`d put Mussina in the rotation and Hughes in the bullpen. Kennedy doesn't make the cut for me. You could go with any one of them really though

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