Sunday, September 9, 2007


The season A-Rod's having is crazy. He has 51 HR's and its still early September. He`s doing this from 3B and also probably still has the ability to play SS. Imagine this team without him. His EQA adjusted for all time is .360. He is completely worth 30 million/year. I didn't watch the post-game but Rebecca picked up on an interesting quote by A-Rod.

Pettitte pitched solidly again pitching into the 7th inning and giving up only 2 runs. Edwar and Britton both pitched well. I didn't see the 9th inning but apparently Bruney pitched pretty terribly.

Jeter apparently has Patellar Tendinitis and one day off probably isn't going to do much for it. That would explain his complete loss of any range at all this season. I mean he was mediocore at best before but this is just terrible. Alberto Gonzalez will temporarily take his place.

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