Saturday, September 8, 2007

Yankees 6th/7th best prospect poll

Carmen Angelini won this one and I think he deserved it. Alan Horne gets the 7th spot on the list. I`ll put the original options I had for this poll back up without Horne or Angelini.

1) Phillip Hughes
2) Joba Chamberlain
3) Ian Kennedy
4) Jose Tabata
5) Dellin Bettances
6) Carmen Angelini
7) Alan Horne
8) ?


Rebecca said...

Hey, I saw your post on Pete's blog and wanted to say thank you =)

It seems there's someone named meg that disagrees, but I'm thinking it's probably just a troll ;)

This blog looks great, btw, looks like you've been working on it for a while!

Mike NYY said...

Thanks, yours is great to. Just ignore the trolls.

Rebecca said...

Trust me, trolls don't get to me =)