Monday, September 3, 2007

Stop the Bridge Jumping!

At every blog or forum I read fans are giving up on the season already. Clemens can't pitch, Mussina can't pitch, Hughes isn't ready, nobody can hit, season's over. The Yankees are still in first in the Wild Card. The season is not over. Yes, this team is inconsistent but that can be a good thing. It may be in a slump now but it`ll soon come out of it. Wang goes tomorrow in a huge game. Here's an opportunity for him to prove all of the doubters wrong. Pettitte had a very good start last time and I think he`s the ace of this staff but with a good start tomorrow Wang takes that title I think.

Speaking of Pettitte's last game that was a game they could and should have won. I was at that game and everybody in the stadium knew he was done after six. He was struggling in the 6th inning and had almost 120 pitches. He`s 36 not 26. He has had arm troubles and almost retired last year. Joba should have pitched the 7th and 8th. This offense seems to play better in close games and I`d bet they`d have scored again. Mariano then in 9th looks pretty good to me. Their's a lot of variables in this so I don't think you can pin this completely on Joe Torre but he has to bear some of the blame for that one. I can't wait for Girardi next year.

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