Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ian Kennedy

The Yankees picked up a game on Seattle with yesterday's win and Seattle's loss. Kennedy started and pitched in and out of trouble a lot. He definitely didn't look great but he kept them in the game. An idea I`ve been kicking around is using Hughes as a reliever for the playoffs (If they make it). This is no knock on Hughes and I still think he`s a future ace but he`s been mostly a 2 pitch pitcher. His changeup still isn't that good and he`s not throwing his slider. I think that just for the playoffs he would thrive in a similar role to the one Joba has. This is only possible though if Mussina or Kennedy can step up and claim that 4th spot in the rotation. Just a random idea I had, don't know if it makes much sense.

A-Rod had another HR to break his own record for HR's by a right-handed Yankee. If he gets really hot this month he could break Maris' single season HR record. Posada also had a homer. These two both are getting big deals at the end of the season.

I don't really know what to post on the Harlan Chamberlain thing that hasn't already been said but its great.

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