Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It Ain't Over 'till its Over

Earlier in the season many of my fellow bloggers declared the Yankees dead. Other said they had no chance at the division but could win the Wild Card. Even after the Red Sox loss people declared the Yankees as having no chance at the division. They're now only 3 and half games out. Are the odds against it? Yes, but its possible. If nothing else the Yankees have proven that Yogi Berra was right.


Bart said...

I can take Wesbrook over Verlander -- but maybe Burnett can picth against the Sawxx like he dia against the Yankees

And Moose has to be better than last time to both win and make us all feel more comfortable

Hughes' velocity was still down -- we hope this is hamstring hangover and each day can produce more strength and confidence -- but I would not like to see him against the Angels or Indians at the momment

I thin you have to trade him or Kennedy for Santana

Bart said...

that should be CAN't take Wesbrook

Mike NYY said...

I`m pretty sure his lack of velocity is due to his hamstring.

Kennedy won't get us Sanatana and even Hughes might not. I wouldn't give uo Hughes for him anyway. THe Twins are getting a new stadium and I wouldn't be surprised to see him sign an extension

Moose doesn't really have to improve since they can easily shove him out of the rotation but it would definitely help since Clemens seems to pitch much better with extra rest