Wednesday, July 11, 2007

#2 SP- B+

Andy Pettitte got off to a great start this season but the Yankees offense let him down time and time again casing him to have a very low win total. He was getting GB's at a rate close to Wang's and had a better K/BB. The lack of offensive support caused him to question whether certain players cared as much as he did about winning. Its possible that he was just speaking out of frustration but Posada made similar comments. Up until that point Pettitte had made an interesting debate of whether he was the Yankees ace or Wang was. However, since then Pettitte has made 2 terrible starts bumping his ERA all the way to close to 4.00. I think Pettitte is tired and the All Star break will probably help him. Pettitte should bounce back and be a very good #2 guy or maybe even a #3 or #4 guy behind Clemens and/or Hughes.

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