Friday, July 20, 2007

Recap of Game 94


Yesterday was a terrible loss. It started out well with the Yankees scoring two runs without making an out on two walks and a double. That was all they got though. The Yankees stranded four runners in scoring position and left five men on base. They should have scored a lot more than just two runs. Wang pitched beautifully shutting the Blue Jays out through six innings striking out three and walking none.Then in the seventh everything fell apart. He gave up a leadoff single to start the 7th. The next batter hit a slow roller down the third base line. Thinking it would go foul nobody touched it. It stayed fair and the guy got a hit. The next batter got out. With runners on second and third with one out a slow roller down the first base line scored the runner on third. So with two outs and the tying run on third Aaron Hill hit a triple to tie the game. Gregg Zaun drove in Hill with a GB single past Cano. Wang came out their for the 7th and got the first batter he faced. He then allowed a single and was taken out of the game. Mike Myers came in and finished the 7th without allowing a run. Luis Vizcaino pitched the 9th. I think Edwar Ramirez should have been used. Also I think Myers might be deserving of a shot as a regular middle reliever. He can't get lefties out but he`s worth a shot as a middle reliever. He can't do any worse than Farsnworthless anyway. In the 9th inning though it looked like the Yankees still had some life in them. A-Rod led off the inning with a single. I would have liked for him to have stolen second their but Torre decided not to send him. Matsui got out and Cabrera moved him to second on a GB out to the SS (it wasn't hit hard enough for a double play). A single would have tied the game but Cano popped out to center. This was just a really ugly loss you'd like to forget about. A couple fans in the upper deck put up signs for GB's Wang got instead of K's.

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