Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ace SP- A +

I consider Wang the ace of this rotation. He`s a rock for this team. He`s been pitching for about a month with his middle finger really screwed up. As a result his control has suffered but he`s still pitching well. Have you heard a word of complaint from him? If it was Mike Mussina you know he would be making excuses after every start he made and pitching terribly. Wang just goes out there and pitches like the ace he is. The main problem with Wang is that he doesn't strike guys out. He is one of the best in every other category. Wang has that fantastic sinker so he gets a ton of GB's. You can't hit a HR on a GB and the GB doubles are very very rare. Wang takes away the possibility of a big hit. Wang's GB's also result in a lot of double plays which erase the runners that get lucky on a GB that finds a hole or on the occasionally hard hit single. Wang also has good control making the amount of free passes very low. So now basically the only hits you get are singles, you need to constantly try the hit and run to stay out of DP's, and you can't get on for free. You need an awful lot of lucky GB singles to beat Wang. Now he's striking out guys a bit more so now the amount of GB hits are decreased, the hit and run is more risky, and Wang gets more free outs.

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